Recalling Mexico?s Golden Era of Cinema.

Marcel Sisniega's Uno de Dos, at LALIFF, transports the viewer to a more innocent era

By Valeria Berumen
Published on LatinoLA: July 23, 2002

Recalling Mexico?s Golden Era of Cinema.

The innocently sweet Mexican film ?Una de Dos? will take you on a stroll down Mexico?s Golden Era of Cinema.

The story tells the tail of orphan twins Constituci?n and Gloria Gamal, desperately looking for love. The twins, almost in their thirties and living in the two-horse town of Torion Quaguila, fear the worst that they are destined to ?vestir santos? forever.

Unexpectedly Oscar Segura, an out-of -own rancher, walks into Constituci?n?s life, and that is when things get out of control. Sibling rivalry and twin love sets in to its maximum level. Constituci?n and Gloria make a pact to share Oscar until he proposes to one of them. The only problem is that Oscar does not know that the second one exists.

In a recent chat with Marcel Sisniega, director and co-screenwriter of ?Una de Dos?, I asked why he felt the need to make a film in the ?Ranchero? genre. Marcel shared that Daniel Sada?s original novel was in this genre, and that although this film is a fictional comedy, he feels it is an authentic representation of life in some Mexican provinces.

Having spent almost every summer of my childhood in small Mexican towns myself, I feel that Sisniega and Sada majestically captured life in these areas, not only visually, but also spiritually. The film transports you to an innocent place, reminiscent of the clean-cut 50?s.

When I asked Marcel about the response to the film in Mexico, he said it was rewarding and that it was well accepted. We talked about being able to embrace all aspects of Mexican life and its people. Ultimately, Marcel said this film is about having a sense of humor and being able to laugh at oneself.

I totally agree with him and recommend you see this film. It is so genuinely sweet you can not only take ?Tu Mama Tambien?, but also tu Abuelita.

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