Expressions Without Borders

Artino's work at El Pueblo Gallery ties varied work thematically

By Mark Vallen
Published on LatinoLA: July 24, 2002

Expressions Without Borders

The Artist's Reception for the "Sin Fronteras" exhibition was a resounding
success. The Reception, held July 20th 2002 at the beautiful old El Pueblo
Gallery on L.A.'s historic Olvera Street, attracted many hundreds of people
from all over Los Angeles. At times the spacious Gallery was so crowded it
became difficult to view the Artworks on display. Olvera Street being the
oldest street in Los Angeles and founded under the Mexican Flag, is a big
attraction for those visiting L.A., and it was the perfect place for ARTINO
to hold an exhibition.

Group member Manny Paz curated the show, taking care to tie the varied works
together thematically. Yours truly, Mark Vallen, had several socially
conscious Artworks on display... and Lalo Garcia, who has designed the
Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the new Cathedral located in downtown Los
Angeles, showed a series of his latest Paintings. Ricardo Ortega also
exhibited a number of his Paintings. Ortega's work mixes the spiritual
iconography of the Aztecs with the Catholicism of today's Latino population.

Not only did Los Angelenos turn out in great numbers for the opening, but
some people drove hours to attend. People from all walks of life came to the
Reception, Students, Workers, Entrepreneurs... all were very interested in
the works of the Artists. While most in attendance were Latino, many Asians,
Anglos, and some African Americans came to the show. It was amazing to also
encounter internationals in the crowd, there were visitors from places as
far away as Germany, the Philippines, and Turkey.

ARTINO's exhibiting at the El Pueblo Gallery is of great historical
importance. Not only was Olvera Street the first street founded in the old
Mexican Colonia of Ciudad de Los Angeles (City of the Angels), but the
avenue is also the home to an important Mural painted by the Mexican Artist,
David Alfaro Siqueiros.

The Gallery lights were dimmed briefly to show a short film on the life and
work of group member, Frank Martinez... whose beautiful Paintings impress
everyone. People enjoyed the Sculptures of Lix Mario Ramirez, the "Tortilla
Art" of Joe Bravo, the multimedia works of Sergio Hernandez, and the Oil
Paintings of Agustin Bravo. Special Guest Artist, Xavier Montes, also had
his Artworks on display. Montes, who plays the Harp, was a featured musician
for the Artist's Reception, and Tony Leija and his Conjunto were also were
kind enough to play during the Reception.

ARTINO's "Expressions Without Borders" show runs until September 5th 2002. El Pueblo Art Gallery is located in Olvera Street, El Pueblo National Monument, Alameda and Cesar Chavez, downtown Los Angeles. ARTINO's website is at http://www.artino.us

Expressions Without Borders
by Joe Bravo

We express ourselves thorugh the arts,
with images from our souls, spirits and hearts.

As there is no limit to our imagination,
there should be no border to our expression.

For how can you tell your soul, think this,
how can you tell your spirit, feel this,
how can you tell your heart, love this,

When they are crying to tell the world,
This is who I am.

There is no Paisa,
There is no Pocho,
There is no Mexicano,
There is no Chicano,
There is no Puerto Rique?o,
There is no Colombiano,
and so on...

There is only Latino.

This is America,
It knows no difference.

Copyright Joe Bravo.

About Mark Vallen:
Mark Vallen is a member of ARTINO

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