The Riddle that Death Brings

No man is a failure who has friends

By Jose G. Flores
Published on LatinoLA: November 11, 2006

The Riddle that Death Brings

Recently, a friend informed me that a college classmate passed away last Saturday. The reason was not clear, but what he understood was that he collapsed and died. DEATH, it really makes you think of your place in life itself.

This is the first peer - contemporary if you will - that has passed away. For the most part, everyone is either getting married, having kids, succeeding in their careers; LIVING their lives. For one of us to drop off and die, it just blows you away. How could that be? It really shows you how life is fragile and can be extinguished with the slightest breeze.

Now thinking of this person that passed away, the whole time I could not think of any positive or at the bare minimum bland thoughts. His personality, actions and behavior left me perplexed many a time. After talking with a few others individuals that knew him, their memories and thoughts about him were the same. The underlying theme was, "Yeah, I knew him, but he was just there."

Maybe this is unfair assessment of a man's life. Maybe those who were in his inner circle will have a different perspective. Maybe with a different group of people, this person has and will leave a long lasting positive impression.

Which leads to the question, if I were to die today, what would people think of me?

What would people think of you? Is your legacy insured by what you do, by who you are? I hope that I made more positives connections with people than negative. I hope that when my time is up I have contributed to the existence of those around me. I trust that my angel will remind me, "Remember NO man is a failure who has friends."

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