Day of The Dead

The Woman of Juarez

By M.Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: November 12, 2006

Day of The Dead

Sometimes its so hard to pinpoint what I'm feeling.

So what do I do? I write..my thoughts..feelings..opinions...

Today I took down the Altar: I was privileged to put that Altar up at the San Juan Capistrano Library!

I wish you all could have seen it..It took me five hours to set it up and one hour to tear it down.

I dedicated the Altar to all The Women..of this World..My Mother...Todas Las Mujeres that make great sacrifices to come to this Country to provide for their familia's.

All the women that disappear at the Juarez-Mexico/U.S.A. border..what happens them?

They never make it here and never make it home?

These women risk everything to come to work here...cook...clean...care for our children..harvest the fields. Anything they will do almost any job that is offered to them if given the chance.

I read a story in the NEWS paper one day- It was in the Orange County Register, Sunday, June 13, 2004. It was an eight part report "The Women of Juarez-Part 1, One Woman's Story." Story by: Minerva Cantor. She Never Came Home-At age seventeen she ended up one of the hundreds of women killed in Juarez, Mexico.

I was so touched and impressed by this story that I did my first oil painting titled "Las Cruzes of Juarez"

When I had my first Art Exhibit at "Tia Chucha's"-I sold this painting to a college professor. To this day He has not come to claim the painting. Until then I will continue to exhibit the painting.

To Frankie Firme: Who recently lost his Mother-I want you to know that a lot of peoples thoughts, prayers and sentiments are with you and your family at this time.

I came home today and I was thinking of all the people in my life that have passed on. Mi Mama, my Brother, nephew, friends. And I know they will be there for me when my time comes to light the path for me.

I just have one wish hope that I go before any of my children. Just the thought of losing a child pains me. I want to go before them!

"Day of The Dead" has become so popular, with celebrations all over L.A. and Orange County.

It is one day we can all celebrate-It is inevitable we are all going to Die.

So remember your loved ones and appreciate the ones that are still Alive. Celebrate the Life that you have!

Some of my paintings and photographs will be on exhibit till the end of November at the San Juan Capistrano Library. Along with Ennio Deras and other Artist.

About M.Reyna:
M.Reyna-Varied Artist: Painter, Photogher, Poet, Storyteller and now Altar Artist! Mmiaculpa@aol.com MReyna.deviantArt.com feelitexpressit.blogspot.com

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