Too Much Chocolate?

Phone, music, videos, the Web and more ? this wireless is a handful

Published on LatinoLA: November 15, 2006

Too Much Chocolate?

It came via FedEx, just like the P.R. chick said it would, this shiny and slick hybrid of wireless technology. I?m talking about the Chocolate (kind of a misnomer, since you would expect it to be brown, not the gleaming black device that looks really good in the palm of my hand). You know, the one Verizon has been pushing like crazy over since the summer.

I had a load of stuff on my desk ? mostly deadlines and detritus ? so I asked my 14-year-od daughter to check it out, take it for a spin. Besides, I?m a bit of a techno-nerd ? it took me a couple weeks to figure out my iPod shuffle ? and she could program a DVR remote like there?s no tomorrow. ?And don?t forget to at least glance at the instructions,? I called out. She let out a whoop, her face lighting up when she slid open the LG machine and it rang out a little tune.

Here?s what she emailed me (I corrected her spelling and grammar, somewhat):
?At first it was hard to figure out how to use the touch sensitive panel and get used to how to access things, but after a few days and a glance or two at the instructions, I think I got it down pretty well. It was fun playing around with the V Cast, such as watching clips from my fave shows, and down loading new tunes and ringtones. I love this fun and easy phone and after using it for a week it will be very hard adjusting to my normal phone!?

My older daughter is a personal assistant to a well-known photographer, is a heavy user of wireless technology. It?s part of her daily work and personal life. Her first impression of Chocolate? ?It looks really nice, its compact, tiny, smaller than the one I have right now. It?s thinner, like an iPod. More for someone more into music. But what I do like is the calendar. It?s very detailed, with alarms. The camera is amazing! The resolution is great.?

Me? I finally got a couple hours to play with Chocolate, and all I can say is I wish a had a few more. The phone part was easy, the sound clear and crisp. The camera was cool, sharp. The BIG Deal is the V Cast. Not difficult to figure out and since the test drive was on Verizon, I downloaded a few of the million + songs available: ?A Toda Cuba La Gusta? and ?Sao Francisco River? my favorites. Kind of let down by the limited web sites available, but maybe I was doing it wrong.

And the video? Remember the TV commercials with Shakira, cutting onions and undulating in the apartment across from Alejandro Sanz?s, covered in some kind of chocolate or something? Well, ?La Tortura? looks just as good on the tiny screen.

The upshot? Verizon?s tagline ?Everybody Loves Chocolate? might not be entirely accurate, but for a music loving, feature-driven, and trendsetting Latino, or anyone else, really, this Chocolate is pretty tasty.

More about Chocolate at here

Abelardo de la Pe?a Jr. is editor / publisher of LatinoLA.com. He often gets to try out stuff. His 2007 resolution is to actually write about them. He's starting early.

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