Sweeping The City of Los Angeles

6 hour learn salsa boot camp in Los Angeles salsa lessons

By Ana Rodriguez
Published on LatinoLA: November 26, 2006

Sweeping The City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles based dance company Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles has teamed up with many of the local businesses to help make it "One of the Finest Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles."

The owners have been inspired by the beautiful dance of Salsa and have opened and have spent thousands of dollars investing in powerful domains that relate to dance. Some of these domain names, recently purchased to help the movement of dance are as follow; BallroomBootcamp.com, SalsaNightClub.com, LaStyleSalsa.com and over 140 other popular domain names for dance.

Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles and other dances have become extremely popular due to the popular shows "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance?" These shows have motivated America to step up and dance by learning great new moves on television, resulting in a massive explosion of people wanting to Learn Salsa and other dances. Not only is dancing fun, and healthy but it is also sexy.

Our customers notice an increase in personal self confidence when they begin to "get it" on the dance floor. It is truly an incredible experience to see our customer come in, feeling somewhat nervous, a little scared and they leave our 6 Hour Salsa Bootcamp with a lot of great steps and self confidence.

LearnSalsa.com also happens to be "One of the Largest Salsa Dance Schools in Los Angeles, with approximately 150 to 200 students finishing the famous 6 Hour Salsa Bootcamps and our weekly classes (www.learnsalsa.com/weeklyclasses.htm ), every month. LearnSalsa.com has expanded in other California Cities from Los Angeles to the Southern Orange County areas.

Salsa Dancing and Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles helps keep you healthy, recent research has shown that, people with heart failure who took up dancing breathed better, exercised longer, and generally felt better about themselves.

Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles and Salsa Dancing will boost the health of your heart, researcher Romualdo Belardinelli, MD, a professor of cardiology at UniversitC Politecnica delle Marche School of Medicine. Dancing really had the edge in helping people's sense of well-being, he tells WebMD.

LearnSalsa.com begins with a Merengue warm-up and begins moving into the beginner basic steps of Salsa Dancing. We teach the moves, you don't need a partner and you will dance with at least 40 to 50 different people of the opposite sex. It is truly a social dance that combines health and social networking. If you are single, this is a great way to meet new people. If you are married, this is a great way to revive your current relationship. Anyway you slice this dance, you are spending 6 Hours having a blast.

Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles puts you in a safe, and comfortable enironment, non-intimidating for beginners. We want our customers to feel comfortable and safe to make mistakes and no one will look at them and tease. We utilize a lot of mental conditioning as well through the Salsa Bootcamp. We use "PMA", Positive Mental Attitude. We expect our customers to have a "Positive Mind Frame" and a "Friendly Attitude". We also expect everyone to encourage each other during the day. These rules and expectations are set right up front.

Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles and Salsa Dancing for 6 Hours can also be a challenge, so we keep students motivated and encouraged throughout the day. We provide them some of the finest, "live entertainment" during the lunch breaks.

LearnSalsa.com is quickly becoming one of the most popular, Salsa Instructional Events in Los Angeles. The word is spreading like wildfire about what we do, and due to that, our Salsa bootcamps have anywhere from 80 to 125 customers every single month. That is history in the making. Sign up at www.learnsalsa.com/signup.htm.

We also do charity events and fund raisers www.learnsalsa.com/photos24.htm

"It is incredible to see people come to our 6 Hour Salsa Bootcamps and, they end up meeting new people, making friends, finding mates, and just having plain ol' fun releasing stress! Oh, by the way, they also Learn Salsa.

For more information, please contact Ana Rodriguez (Director of Operations) at 213-400-2260 or visit www.LearnSalsa.com

About Ana Rodriguez:
Editor and Writer for LearnSalsa.com

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