Music - I'm feeling it

By M. Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: December 7, 2006


WAR is in The House!

Oh yea I got to go to the WAR concert at the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro...I used to live in San Pedro...every time I visit it is like going home.

Steven Chavez sent me an email announcing the All Star Comedy Show/WAR Concert. And I thought hmm that would be cool to go too.

I forwarded the email to some friends and family and forgot about it. Till I was in San Pedro last Saturday to pick up my son at my daughter's house. Ooh today is the WAR concert.

I was originally just going to hang out at the coffee house next to the Warner Grand, see who shows up, Check it out. Then I ran into Gilbert Esquivel's wife. She told me, "It just started. The comedians are on and WAR is performing at 10:00 PM."

I didn't have a ticket and I really wanted to go in. So I did.

It was LIVE! Pura Raza! Gilbert Esquivel was hosting the event, Rudy Moreno had just finished his gig and was signing autographs, Willie Barcena was working that crowd-He is one funny, fine looking guy.

The Comedians made us laugh...but the MUSIC is what moves me!

There is no way I can sit still in my chair when a band like WAR is playing...when WAR started playing "Spill The Wine"..."Cinco De Mayo"...I was on my feet and remained on my feet throughout the entire show. Right smack in front of the stage...singing...dancing..moving...grooving...feeling that Music!

With a bunch of people I didn't even know.

"After 30 years "War can still deliver the Word."

Even as a kid ...I felt it...like a surge of electricity.

My favorite genre of Music? It would be hard to say..because I love it all.rnFrom Mozart to Marilyn Manson. I like Oldies, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Classical, Reggae, Ska, World, Latin, Mariachi-De todo me gusta!

I still have my first album, I even have 8-tracks and an 8-track player, hundreds of cassettes, my own mixes, 45's, 12 inchers.


Music makes everything better....
music for every event, occasion, mood
Music to dance too...get down too...celebrate too..
cry too....mourn...relax...meditate...contemplate... drive..clean...cook...paint...write...listen...work...move...
wash your car...reminisce...dress...undress...fantasize...
dream...even die too
Music awakens memories..can take you back in time
to a prom...graduation...a dance...your first kiss
or into the arms of a lost love...your wedding...a vacation...
all the way back to childhood.

I just recently got myself a digital turntable and hooked it to my computer- You can just imagine: I've been like a mad woman, records all over the place, with my Don King hairdo that I wake with in the mornings that I don't realize till I get a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

I took all my records out-Planet Rock, Egyptian Lover, 19 and of course my WAR albums. The Music sounds sooo good...I'm feeling It.

Turning my Vinyl to CDs is to much Fun!

WAR-An original L. A. Band. With an authentic sound of their own, mixing rock, soul, jazz, Latin, R&B. WAR has sold over 25 million records to date. On July 15, 2006 they released "THE VERY BEST OF WAR" ultimate 2 disc, 34 track collection.

About M. Reyna:
M.Reyna-Varied Artist:Painter, Poet, Storyteller.rnMmiaculpa@aol.comrnMReyna.deviantart.com

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