Do??a Tomacita

I would spend hours at her house playing and learning about the plants and flowers in her garden

By M.Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: December 26, 2006

Do??a Tomacita

Do??a Tomacita was the woman that lived across the street from my family I when I was growing up.

I received an invitation in the mail yesterday to Celebrate her 90th Birthday! Isn't that amazing. Her children are throwing her a big party and inviting everybody from the old neighborhood. Wow, its been a long time since I've seen any of my childhood friends and neighbors.

This is one Party I really want to go to.

I have so many memories of Do??a Tomacita: She had a wonderful garden and fruit trees, a back yard with a tether ball and a swing set. I would spend hours at her house playing and learning about the plants and flowers in her garden. Her daughter Carmelita was one of my best friends.

She was a small, petite woman with so much energy - always doing something. Her and her husband Don Fernando had ten children- five boys, five girls.

Don Fernando was a hard working, handy man always doing something around the house. He passed away two years ago.

I remember her nephew Pablo came to visit from Mexico one summer. He was my first boyfriend. He would come over and we would play on my seesaw, we would also catch ants and make ant farms. I was sad when he went back home.

All the neighborhood kids would gather in the evenings and play in the street. We would play green light, red light, red rover, simon says, all those wonderful childhood games that children play. One evening we were all outside playing. It was getting dark and we saw a strange man at the corner with a big sack over his shoulder-We thought for sure it was the Roba-Chico.

We scrammed to Do??a Tomacitas house so fast. She put us all in a circle and had us praying the Rosary. That seemed to calm us down. Then my sister Lela and I had to cross the street to go home. It was dark. My sister took off ahead of me and left me behind, I was so scared, then I forgot my shoes and had to look for them before going inside my house.

Do??a Tomacita was notorious for praying the rosary, para todo un Rosario. To this day she prays the Rosario at her home. In fact the last time I saw her was about three years ago, she gave me this beautiful blue crystal rosary. Of course I cherish it since it came from her.

I can't wait to see all her children, my friends and Do??a Tomacita. How happy it will make her to see everybody on that day!

About M.Reyna:
M.Reyna:Varied Artist, Painter, Poet, Storyteller.

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