Ya Basta!

There are still so many who allow people like Carlos Mencia to get away with insulting us

By Alejandro Diiaz
Published on LatinoLA: December 18, 2006

Ya Basta!

Last month, the magazine Tu Cuidad had Carlos Mencia on its cover. I wrote the following letter to the editor letting them know my displeasure with their choice. They didn't publish the letter but I wanted to share it with the readers of LatinoLA nonetheless:

Several years ago I accidentally came across Carlos Mencia's act and I was not the least bit impressed. His whole spiel consisted of insulting and denigrating the Mexican people in every shape and form. It was despicable. At the time I merely chalked it up as some poor ignorant fool, with a huge chip on his shoulder, selling his soul for a shot at fame. I never again paid him any mind. But then I found out that all this time Mencia was actually lying about being Mexican (he's actually German and Honduran) in order to avoid from getting any flack about the horrible things he was saying about Mejicanos; in my book you can't get any lower than this. And for your magazine to prominently plaster him on your cover is also in pretty bad taste. There are so many Mexicans in this country ÔÇô we're the catalyst of the Latino boom ÔÇô yet there are still so many who allow people like Mencia to get away with insulting us. I'm sure if it wasn't for the Mexican audience he wouldn't be where he is today. As a people we should have demanded a stop to his nonsense a long time ago. I'm sure the Cubanos wouldn't have put up with his shenanigans. So I'm asking all culturally aware and passionate Mejicanos y Mejicanas to show their pride and immediately stop supporting this man's insults any longer.

About Alejandro Diiaz:
Alejandro Diaz is a writer and filmmaker living in LA.

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