Merry Little Christmas!

We played with that ball all day till the sun went down

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: December 22, 2006

Merry Little Christmas!

The best Christmas Ever!

This memory has been in my head for a long time: I must have been seven or eight years old. My Mother took my sister and I to Mexico one Christmas vacation to visit Family.

We went to the town where I was born: Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico.

My mother's brother Antonio and his family live in the City. But my cousin Memo and his wife Theresa live en el Campo. In the Country far away from the city on a ranch.
It's a long drive on a dirt road to get there - They have cows, pigs, chickens, goats. Getting up at the crack of dawn with the roosters and the chickens. It was so much fun feeding the chickies.

They have no electricity..no running water..no bathroom-an out-house. A stinky freaking out-house. We had to wash by hand. And we had to walk to get water to bathe.

One thing that stands out is the Theater House...We walked..took our own wooden folded chairs..paid like a peso or something to watch a move on a wall...the floor was made out of dirt and ÔÇô check this out - the building had no roof..no ceiling...ooh you could see every star in the sky...It was absolutely amazing...Mesmerizing..It seems all like a dream..another World.

So simple..yet so beautiful. And every body greeted each other!

My cousin Memo and Theresa had a little store attached to their house - I got to tend the store - it was such a treat. These two little boys came in to buy "cinta escoch" I had no idea what that was-no clue, I just could not understand what they wanted - I thought maybe shoe laces - No - Scotch tape - they wanted Scotch tape. Then they wanted to pay me with eggs, not money - two eggs. I didn't know that one could pay with eggs!

God, I wish I had a camera back then.

Christmas Eve: The Women made Tamales, the Men made a big fire outside gathered and played music. There was not an abundance of presents but one gift for each of us. We had to wait till midnight to open our presents. I got tired and went to sleep, I was laying there half asleep half awake and I heard a noise by the window - I moved the curtain to see what the noise was and I saw a face...a smiling face..that looked like Santa..I'm not sure it could have been somebody with a mask..who knows? I was more asleep than awake..I went back to sleep.

In the morning some of the kids had already gotten up and opened up their gift...I got to open mine...you know what I got? A Ball..and I loved it.

We played with that ball all day till the sun went down.

That was my best Christmas Ever!

I haven't seen my relatives since then - or visited my birth place again.

Sure would be nice to to take my boys and pay them a visit.

Everybody Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!
Be safe...in good spirits..

Me despido.

About Maria Reyna:
M.Reyna: Varied Artist, Painter, Poet, Storyteller


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