In the Bedroom

A woman's work is never done.

By Margo Candela
Published on LatinoLA: January 10, 2007

In the Bedroom

The big news around my house isn't that my first book is officially out in stores and online-it's that I've finally managed to find the perfect drapes for our bedroom. We moved into our place June 2006 and it's taken me since then to get around to it. Not that the windows were bare all that time, I'd tacked up sheets while I debated my window covering options.

This kind of stuff, thinking about drapes, choosing drapes and buying drapes, was something I remember my own mom having to deal with it. I wonder if she found it just as annoying as I did. I mean, why should I be the one responsible for this particular task? Because I have ovaries and a (limited) sense to style? Because I care about color schemes and insist when the sheets are changed, they all coordinate? I'm no Martha Stewart, but little things like this remind a person she's not a struggling college student anymore. I care...to a point. My whole life doesn't revolve around arranging knickknacks and fluffing decorative pillows. I have a life and a third book to write.

My husband remained not only unsympathetic, but also had his head firmly wedged up his butt. "It's your job to do this stuff. Ask your mom for help. Or do you want me to ask my mom to find us drapes?"

Clearly we have issues that go beyond drapes, but that's a whole other story.

I haven't actually asked my mom her views on window fashions since I'm sure it will trigger a whole conversation on how different things were for women when she was my age, what was on Oprah this afternoon and why I haven't I given her a granddaughter. ("I've been too busy shopping for drapes" is not a valid excuse in her book.)

To be fair, I did have definite ideas of what I wanted to look like and I wouldn't settle for something temporary which would only become permanent as I moved on to, like, living my life. My husband made suggestions, then threats when the sheets didn't look like they were going anywhere.

When I finally found the drapes (an ivory dupioni silk, reasonably priced and delivered to my door by West Elm) my husband said "Great. Now what do you plan to hang them with?"

It was a trap! Now I had to think about curtain rods, finals and tie backs. It's never ending and I'm currently scouting for the perfect window hardware. But I won't be tacking up these drapes with thumbtacks. I've bought myself sometime by suggesting we use the curtain rod from our old place. My husband is happy, my neighbors don't have to worry about their property values and my mom assumes that now we can get busy with the granddaughter project.

Yeah, so I picked out drapes but I didn't hang them. That's man's work.

About Margo Candela:
Margo Candela's first novel, Underneath It All, is now available online and in stores. You can find about more about her and her books at www.margocandela.com

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