News from the Brown Side of Town 1.10.07

Happenings in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: January 10, 2007

News from the Brown Side of Town 1.10.07

Orale, Mi Gente! The first week of 2007 has come and gone, the kids are back in school, the freeways are once again congested in and around the City of Angels, and we begin anew...

...Life in the Land of 1000 Dances...where shall I begin?

OK, here's a taco for thought to get things started...my tongo comes off to L.A.'s Channel 5 TV news commentator Hal Fishman for his OUTSTANDING commentary this week about the state of affairs on the roads of L.A., and for finally being someone who has the huevos to publicly tell it like it is, and assign blame where it belongs...

The other night, during a news broadcast with the usual lament about gridlock, traffic jams and accidents, crime in the inner city, and the politician's usual bullshit plans for corrections, I was struck with a giggle of satisfaction that some politicians and well to do business people of L.A. have "finally discovered" that traffic in and out of L.A. has become a problem (i.e, it REALLY sucks!), because THEY finally got caught up in traffic commuting to and from the "Westside", that snooty, overpriced, coastal enclave of the rich & famous where everyday people are to be avoided if they make under 100 G's a year that they can afford to escape to...

Hal's explanation was somthing tantamount to "the light", which I hope to hell fell upon the people responsible, stuck on the 405, 110, or 10 freeways, missing meetings & happy hour & dropped cell phone calls.

Hal said (in essence): "People are avoiding coming downtown, missing out on the cultural centers of our great city because traffic has just become too much to bear. They are staying local and avoiding the city. That is a sad state of affairs. We have not built a major freeway in over 30 years, done anything to widen or expand our current roads, come up with any reasonable plan to deal with the massive population growth, yet, developers have compounded the problem by continuing to build multi unit apartment and condominium complexes in every corner of space available. With each household representing 2 cars each, the massive influx and crowding of people, this means only worse traffic..it is only being publicly mentioned now because the people responsible who live on the Westside are only now begining to feel the pinch they created"....and he COMPLETELY avoided blaming anything on immigrants!!

Right on, Hal ! Tell them rich suckas what's up! (hope you don't get assasinated, bro...)

On the Brown side though, things are still rockin'! Wacha:

The closing reception for artist Joe Bravo and his unique Tortilla Art show happens on Olvera Street January 20th. Joe Bravo himself will play guitar and accompany a vocalist for your entertainment pleasure. Sponsored in part by LatinoLA, the showing was well received by the Gente of L.A., and we thank you all for your support.

The buzz is still on about the successful New Year's Eve show at the Valencia Hyatt Regency Hotel Grand Ballroom starring LESLIE PAULA & her LATIN SOUL band, and the COMPANY Band. In response to the many inquiries:

Happy hunting, mi Gente! We're talking major league entertainment, here!

The SATISFACTION Band rocked Rudy Moreno's house, the Commerce Casino, this weekend to packed houses. SATISFACTION starts off the New Year with some fresh sounds and a few changes, and are available for public & private events. I highly recommend this talented group of CHICANOS that continue to represent & rock AZTLAN in the Land of 1000 Dances

Speaking of Rudy Moreno, L.A.'s Prince of Puns continues to make it happen with smiles & laughs at the Commerce Casino and Pasadena's Ice House. Some new shows are in the works, and the public is invited to some free tapings. For more info: www.rudymoreno.com

As people are still getting adjusted to the void on Thursday nights as The 2nd Time Around Show has left KCLAFM.com, the new 2nd Time Around Show on www.eastLArevue and www.chicanoexpress.com is getting more exposure to the Global audience as the 24 hour format is more convenient and accessable to all. With the finest Oldies, Latin Soul, Tejano, and classic Eastside Sounds music anywhere on the World wide web, East L.A. Revue Radio proudly announces the addition of yet another Chicano broacasting powerhouse joining Frankie Firme & Crazy Chuy Hernandez, creating a virtual Chicano "A-Team" of DJs, bringing you the best in Chicano music, coast to coast, and around the World.

Known as the "West Coast Prince of Latin Style of Jazz Radio", internationally recognized DJ Erik "CHICO" Manqueros joins East L.A. Revue Radio this month as a most welcome addition to the familia. Check us out at: www.eastLArevue.com .

A virtual Chicano Music smorgasboard buffet, with all you can hear, everyday, 24 hours a day! For more info: stevenchavez68@hotmail.com or crazychuy@chicanoexpress.com. Upcoming shows include tributes to the Divas of Rock & Roll Oldies, The Southern California Chicano Sound, a well as a new tribute to the Northern California Chicano Sound, some original EastSide Sound flashbacks, and rare, hard to find Oldies but Goodies that nobody else plays...'cause they can't find 'em, and only we got 'em!

After a successful tour entertaining U.S. troops both here and abroad, one of L.A.'s heavyweights of Chicano Music, SOTO, returned to the Land of 1000 Dances in style, packing the house and rockin' the Gente at the Whittier Radisson Hotel and Lounge, where the Jaramillo Entertainment Group brings you the best in Chicano Music from the talent pool deep in the Soul of Aztlan. Names like THE BLUES STRAIGHT UP BAND, SUAVE, SMOOTH TOUCH, SANGRIA, and BALANCE have checked in, with names like SATISFACTION, THE COMPANY, and many others coming up. For more info on who's who on stage, check out:

and tell 'em you heard it from LatinoLA.com .

Rumors trickling down from the North have it that LOS MOCOSOS, the suprise "wonder kids" from San Francisco that rocked Aztlan with their CD "American Us" in early 2005, have another new project in the works, and it will soon be debuting exclusively on East L.A. Revue Radio & Chicano Express Radio. Their popular cuts "Latinos in the House" and their Brown version of the classic "I'm Your Puppet" really got people's attention. For more info: stevenchavez68@hotmail.com .

People are asking "So what's up with TIERRA? Is Steve Salas in the mix?" All we can say is that Rudy & Steve Salas continue working hard and entertaining Gente around the Country. check out their websites at : www.tierramusic.com and www.stevesalastierra.com .

My first movie of the year was "Apocalypto", produced by Mel Gibson. I know he's pissed a lot of people off with his drunken, racist comments, and my esteemed colleagues Patrisa Gonzalez and Roberto Rodriguez pretty much blow home~boy off the Brown map with their well presented interpretation (and opinion) of the movie, pointing out Gibson's unverifiable assumed historical facts( http://www.latinola.com/story.php?story=3896)...however, as a long time student, supporter, promoter, and defender of Aztlan, I must say I enjoyed the movie for it's raw and undisputable similarity to the many handed down and recorded accounts of life in America before the coming of the Spanish gabachos.

("Gabacho" was actually a slang term for "Foreigner", that over the years we just gave to white people as title, free & clear).

There has to be a rationale explanation as to how our Aztec, Inca, and Mayan ancestors were conquered & subjugated, and we as a people, have to look at both sides of the coin for our historical significance, cultural relevance, and long standing contributions to our people's place in this World, and you really can't say for a minute that Gibson, originally from Australia, made up the entire story & concept in his mind.

...shoot me, but I liked the movie, as I always appreciate sombody having the huevos to admit there's no pretty way to tell an ugly truth. The Spanish may have been brutal, but they had help from a lot of people...ever wonder why?...and over 500 year later, here WE are! Check out the movie...

As always, the word of Aztlan is found first & foremost, here on LatinoLA.com, and we invite you to check out the calendar page. You can also post your events here with us for free, where we reach more Latinos in the Arts, Cultural & Entertainment fields than anybody else on the West Coast!

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