Where Are the Chicana/o Artists This Weekend/Next Week? 2.10.07

Here's what's going on in North East L.A. and more

By RuthAnne Tarletz de Molina
Published on LatinoLA: February 10, 2007

Where Are the Chicana/o Artists This Weekend/Next Week? 2.10.07

Where are the Chicana/o artists this weekend/next week?

This Chicana artist is still celebrating her 60th birthday. This time she‘«÷s off in Arizona for the Tucson Gems, Jewelry, Minerals and Fossils shows (45 in all). So, just to let you know I‘«÷m around, here‘«÷s what‘«÷s going on in NorthEast LA (NELA) this weekend. Many of the events feature Chicana/o artists, so this is for both of my newsletters this week. Back to normal??? next week. And, those 10 more pieces of advice that I promised. Shalom, RuthAnne Tarletz de Molina

Where will you be???


Las Angelitas Docent Training at LA‘«÷s Birthplace Starts February 13: New docent training classes for El Pueblo de LA Historical Monument will be held for eight Tuesdays from February 13 to April 3. Classes are offered by Las Angelitas del Pueblo that is the volunteer docent organization that leads the free walking tours of the ‘«£birthplace of LA.‘«ō Classes will be held from 10a - 12:30p at Las Angelitas offices, located at 130 Paseo de la Plaza next to the Old Firehouse & directly across from Union Station. The classes feature multi-media presentations of historic photos & lectures from El Pueblo curators & area history experts. Las Angelitas consists of 70 men & women who are history buffs with a passion for the history of LA, according to the organization‘«÷s president Frank Damon. ‘«£This is a wonderful group of volunteers who embrace LA history & want to share their knowledge with others,‘«ō says Damon, who also leads the training classes.

The volunteer commitment is two weekday tours or one Saturday tour per month. The walking tours are 50 minutes long. Tours are provided in various languages, including Spanish. For more information, including the class agenda & to sign up for Las Angelitas docent training classes, visit www.lasangelitas.org & click ‘«£BE A DOCENT‘«ō or call Jeanne Conklin 310.398.0269.

For a complete listing of this newsletter go to www.LatinoLA.com or www.myspace.com/sarte_mex_jewelry or www.consafos.com/laevents .


NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night

Bike Winter, The Bike Oven & Locos Armadillos 42 Bike Club present:
Spoke(n) Art Bike Ride Special Event
BikeWinter 2007 Eastside Party
Meeting at: SpaceArk Gallery, 106 S Avenue 58, Highland Park CA
First Group leaves at: 6:30p
Saturday, February 10, 6 - 11p
Sponsored by: The Outreach & Recreation, Culture & the Arts Committees of the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council
626.831.7970 sarte1mex@aol.com 310.902.5439 ubrayj02@yahoo.com 310.902.5439 bikewinter@gmail.com http://bikela.org/ http://bikeboom.com/webcalendar/view_entry.php?id=902&date=20070210
http://midnightridazz.com/viewStory.php?storyId=217 http://www.myspace.com/theprimos http://www.jendiamond.com/home.html http://cicle.org

Following the fantastic fun of the Spoken Art ride there with be a party on the East Side celebrating Bike Winter. This Saturday the rides will start and stop at SpaceArk. The Spoke(n) Art Ride is going to have multiple bike-tours to different galleries in the area, taking advantage of NELA Art's "Second Saturday" event - when numerous galleries open their doors up to the public into the wee hours of the night. The rides will be shorter than usual and they will all hit up different spots on the gallery tour.

There is going to a special show put on by the mad geniuses at SpaceArk entitled "Helical Transmigrations". Later in the evening the band "The Primos will play. They'll also be having a Bicycle Fashion Show featuring the work of the one and only Jen Diamond. The folks at C.I.C.L.E.org will be in the house - with properganda galore and Food Not Bombs with healthy treats, pi??atas and a port-a-potty. There will be DJs and a raffle with excellent bikey prizes besides all of this. Don't forget to bring your moola for refreshments, the raffle, to buy a sleek new jersey or a piece of art and for the Armadillo Alley Rat Race ($5 in, rain or shine, winner takes that $).

Galleries on the itinerary are as follows: Acorn Gallery ?Š Another Year in LA ?Š Avenue 50 Studio ?Š Cactus Gallery ?Š David Patton LA ?Š drkrm ?Š Future Studio ?Š MorYork Gallery ?Š Park Projects ?Š Rock Rose Gallery ?Š That Yarn Store ?Š Young Art

See below for information on each gallery‘«÷s offerings for the evening.

NELAart presents:
Second Saturdays Gallery Night
Saturday, February 10, 5 - 10p
Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Glassell Park, Sycamore Grove
Maps/Information: www.NELAart.org

Second Saturday Gallery Night with local galleries & arts organizations open until 10p. Join them in celebrating the arts in Northeast LA! Complete gallery information & printable maps can be found on the website.

A bicycle tour is also available, see above.

Participating Galleries: Acorn Gallery, Another Year in LA, Avenue 50 Studio, Cactus Gallery, Carlotta's Passion, David Patton LA, drkrm, Future Studio, MorYork Gallery, Park Projects, Rock Rose Gallery, Space Ark Gallery, Toros Pottery, Young Art.

The Acorn Gallery -->
The Arroyo Arts Collective presents:
Food from the Heart Images and Tastes of Divine Decadence
Artists‘«÷ Reception: Saturday, February 10, 7 ‘«Ű 10p
The Acorn Gallery, 135 N Avenue 50, Highland Park, CA
February 10 - March 4
323.850.8566 info@ArroyoArtsCollective.org www.arroyoartscollective.org

"The way to the heart is through the stomach - The way to the stomach is through the eyes" This is an exhibit featuring paintings, sculpture and prints by Sharon Romero, Deborah Thomas, Patricia Lee, Jennifer Murphy, Deborah Kashinsky, Suzanne Siegel, Tai Ling Wong, Deborah Krall & Radhika Hershey. As part of the reception, Collective Members will indulge your eye and pamper your palate with sweet "Food as Art" morsels. Come early, come often throughout the evening to experience this sweets inspired pot-luck with an artistic flare.

Closing Event
Saturday & Sunday, February 24 & 25, 11a - 5p
art studio c, 4121 Eagle Rock Blvd, LA, CA
323.256.6052 info@artstudioc.com www.artstudioc.com

art studio c is closing. Join them one last time.

Another year in LA ?Š
Room Constructions: Blueprints and Models
Saturday, December 16, 7 - 10p
Another year in LA, 2121 N San Fernando Rd, #13, Glassell Park, CA
Thru March 16
323-223-4000 info@anotheryearinla.com www.anotheryearinla.com

This exhibit features the 12 blueprint concept drawings created by Stephen J. Kaltenbach in 1967 as well as scale models of three of the rooms including two that were realized at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1967 and the Whitney Museum in 1969. These room construction blueprint drawings and actualized museum works pre-date his UC Davis classmate and fellow conceptual artist, Bruce Nauman‘«÷s corridor pieces by a couple years. The real history here is not that Kaltenbach did something before someone else; the moment was about his minimal discoveries.

Avenue 50 Studio ?Š
Beautiful Deceptions: Erotica by Women; Curated by Poli Marichal
Artists‘«÷ Reception: Saturday, February 10, 7 - 11p
Avenue 50 Studio, 131 N Avenue 50, LA, CA
February 10 - March 4
323.258.1435 ave50studio@sbcglobal.net www.avenue50studio.com

‘«£There‘«÷s nothi8ng more debauched than thinking.‘«ō From the poem, An Opinion On The Question Of Pornography by Wistawa Szymborska. The work exhibited deals with erotica in a tasteful and artistic manner. This is a show by women that doesn‘«÷t demean any sex. It features paintings, sculpture, assemblages, photography, video & prints from eight LA artists: Sonya Fe, Candace Metzger, Deborah Kantner, Candace Lin, Barbara Carrasco, Yolanda Gonzalez, Cristina Cardenas, and Poli Marichal. Ambiguous, dark, sexy, and symbolic aspects of erotica are explored in unexpected and striking ways. These women have conceived works that juggle with notions of sexual imagery in order to seduce and mesmerize, shock and impress the spectator:

Cristina C?Ūrdenas creates exhilaratingly sensuous tableaux of tantalizing nudes painted on amate paper.

Sonya Fe‘«÷s strong works on canvas and paper unabashedly depict women who are in a trance of self-discovery and affirmation.

Yolanda Gonzalez expresses a sense of humor in her bondage/ dominatrix depictions on canvas.

Deborah Kantner‘«÷s tastefully sexy photographs celebrate women and female role-playing in the urban jungle.

Candice Lin‘«÷s meticulously crafted dioramas and video work expose dark and disturbing aspects of sexuality.

Candace Metzger creates charming combines that juxtapose symbols of control and desire.

Poli Marichal mixes fantasy and symbolism in dynamic paintings that explore erotic dreams.

Most of the pieces feature women being unashamedly erotic, gloriously free of any self-conscious prudery or uncertainty. It is curious to note that the male figure is, in many of the works, the absent object of desire. This is a show by women about women‘«÷s erotica that, nevertheless, caters to both sexes.

La Palabra ‘«Ű Open Mic Reading
Featuring Cal Okie
Sunday, February 11, 2 - 4p
Avenue 50 Studio, 131 N Avenue 50, LA, CA
Thru November 6
323.258.1435 ave50studio@sbcglobal.net www.avenue50studio.com
Co-hosts: Laura Longoria & Don Newton

Welcome in the New Year at this monthly poetry event. Everyone is invited. An afternoon of poetry, art, & friends resumes today. Calling all community poets, from nine to 90! You are invited to bring your work for open mike readings before & after the featured poet.

Cactus Gallery ?Š
Gimme Some Love Exhibit
Artists‘«÷ Reception: Saturday, February 10, 7 - 10p
Pianist Katrina Parker: 9p
Cactus Gallery & Gifts, 4534 Eagle Rock Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA
February 10 - March 7
323.256.6117 semastroianni70@yahoo.com www.eclecticcactus.com http://www.katrinaparker.com/

More than 20 local artists display their take on love, romance, the flip side of love & the symbols which exemplify Valentine's Day. Artists include Douglas Alvarez, Lernie Beuler, Jena Cardwell, Gwen Freeman, Mark Gelvoria, Jos?ģ ?Łngel Hern?Ūndez, Javier Herrera, Lisa Ingalls, Patricia Krebs, Heather Llyod, Sophia Louisa, Miss Mindy, Lorraine Scognamillo, Robert Selvaggio, Ingrid Sundberg, Kelly Thompson (acrylic and oil paintings). Mosaic items du amore: birdhouses,
vases, and picture frames by Mary Clark Camargo. Photography by Johnny Garcia, Eleonora Ghioldi, Cidne Hart, Kevin Haas, Annie Fourguette and ?Łngela Mar?°a Ort?°z S. Assemblage by Claudia Galvan, Greg Liffick and Jon Grauman. Collage by Matthew Cramer and Patrick
Haemmerlein. Drawings by David J. Vanderpool and Lee Ann Goya.

An array of Argentine folk art and jewelry is also available, including textured jewelry by in-house artist and owner Abraham Szmukler, mate gourds and bombillas by the Pastorino family, our famous nut boxes and lovely leather handbags that will woo any Valentine prospect.

Irene Carranza: New Works Solo Exhibit
Meet Irene Carranza: Saturday, February 10, 7 - 10p
Carlotta's Passion Fine Art, 2012 Colorado Blvd, LA, CA
January 13 - February 18
323.259.1563 rs@carlottaspassion.com www.carlottaspassion.com

This is your opportunity to meet Irene Carranza, listen to her discuss her artwork, and engage in one-on-one conversation with this Latina visual artist who has achieved iconic status in the art world.

Perhaps no other Latina artist in Los Angeles is so visible & invisible at the same time. Perhaps no other is so commercially viable & not commercial. And perhaps no other artist is as important to the expression of being Latina in a multicultural world without treating the paintbrush as a political hammer. On the contrary, whatever "it" is, she nails it. Although the color and strokes convey a world somewhere between Diego Rivera and Edvard Munch, a world between Marc Chagall's and Georgia O'Keefes', that world is distinctly Carranza's. She creates her works using oil, acrylic, charcoal & pastel on canvas, paper & wood. Since 1997, she has developed a body of work that is connected by the notion of feminine mystique & the interpretation of what makes a human "feminine". They are tales with allegorical references to death, beauty, innocence, wisdom & strength.

drkrm ?Š
Performance and Man Who Fell To Earth Photo Exhibit featuring the work of Donald Cammell & Nicolas Roeg
drkrm. Gallery & Lab, 2121 San Fernando Rd Ste 3, LA, CA
Thru February 24
323.223.6867 626.825.2442 drkrm@mac.com www.drkrm.com www.artistbound.com

This exhibit is of interest to fans of Mick Jagger and of course the movie Performance. They have assembled a collection of rare and unseen photographs from Performance (1970) & The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976), two legendary films directed by Donald Cammell and Nicholas Roeg. Now recognized as classics, both films were, upon their release, met with a hostile critical reception that rejected their dazzling, kaleidoscopic use of montage as well as a daring mixture of sadism and eros -- the juxtaposition of images of sex and violence. Both films starred famous British rock stars, Mick Jagger in Performance and David Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth. They pay tribute to the boldness of directors Cammell and Roeg with this exhibit of images from their greatest works, whose daring & strangeness remain undiminished to this day.

The show consists of 20+ photographs, none of which have been shown in a gallery setting, most never seen by the public. Though there were six years between the two films, the photos share a strikingly similar quality; both depicted the collision of alien worlds that featured Jagger and Bowie as odd, androgynous, reclusive yet brilliant misanthropes. All of the photos from Performance & most from The Man Who Fell to Earth exist only in black and white, adding to their haunting, other-worldly quality.

Future Studio ?Š
Plain Error
Artists‘«÷ Reception: Saturday, February 10, 6 - 10p
Future Studio Gallery, 5558 N Figueroa St, LA, CA
323.254.4565 futurestudio@sbcglobal.net www.chickenboy.com homepage.mac.com/futurestudio

This is an exhibit of paintings by Stuart Rapeport and Miguel Olivares.

MorYork Gallery ?Š
Dissolution: solo exhibit by Jessica Swanson
Reception: Saturday, January 13, 7 - 10p
MorYork Gallery, 4959 York Blvd, Highland Park, CA
February 10 - March 7
323.376.4428 bmallman@nelaart.org w ww.claregraham.com/MorYork.html

Jessica Swanson examines human ideas about the wild. Her sculptures offer views of nature with a focus on scenic vistas or burnt out landscapes with glimpses of animals. Swanson's sculptures describe the toxic and wasted lands due to apathetic neglect or outright exploitation yet show hope as life forms continue to persist in these spaces.

Park Projects ?Š
Jessica Halonen and Emily Joyce: PLOT [plot]
Artists‘«÷ Reception: February 10, 7 ‘«Ű 10p
Park Projects, 4755 York Blvd, LA CA
February 10 - March 2
323-445-4015 323.719.8158 www.parkprojects.org http:/ /myparkp r ojects.org/

This is a two-person exhibit of new site specific works. It includes a mural sized wall painting by Joyce and a sculpture installation by Halonen. Although working with vastly different materials and processes, both artists use poetic gestures to navigate current global issues. By including trees and images of other natural life forms a garden-like environment is created. These works can be seen as a celebration or a resignation of our present condition.

Known for her abstract constructions of meticulously cut vinyl, Emily Joyce will present a mixed media wall painting, For what seemed like a long time, that will span the north wall of gallery. Upon inspection the densely layered abstract composition reveals colorful silhouettes of recognizable shapes. Smoking airplanes, tumultuous waves, and explosions emerge from a confetti-like barrage of smaller less threatening forms of shells, plants, trees and hot air balloons.

Complimenting Joyce's wall painting is a sculptural installation entitled Whithersoever by Jessica Halonen. The installation includes pedestals made from rammed earth, each topped with either a pine sapling or a concrete slab. Through Halonen's use of trompe l'oeil, the columns rise through the floor like core earth samples providing the trees with an astute presence yet precarious future.

Rock Rose Gallery ?Š
Valentine Celebration for ALL!
Reception: Saturday, February 10, 8 - 11p
Rock Rose Gallery, 4108 N Figueroa St, Sycamore Grove, CA
323.222.4740 rockroseart@yahoo.com www.rockroseartgallery.com http://www.myspace.com/groovesession
Door: $10

Live In Concert with the Groove Session, an award winning band out of Inland Empire featuring:
Manny Sanchez - Drums, Vocal; Ronnie Sanchez ‘«Ű Bass; Greg Lesondak ‘«Ű Guitar; Daniel Delgado ‘«Ű Trumpet.

Plus on the walls and round-about selected pieced from various artists who have exhibited their works in this wonderful gallery space over the last few years. For the electic collector.

Space Ark Gallery ?Š
Bike Winter L.A Event
Helical Art, Bike Art, Performance Art & Bike Fashion Show
Artists‘«÷ Reception: Saturday, January 13, 6 - 11p
Space Ark Gallery, 106 S Avenue 58, Highland Park CA
323-256-2777 olivaresmandato@yahoo.com

Come support your local revolutionary art culture. This is an Event standing, biking and dancing against oil dependency. Join us in expressing the fact that bicycles are a fun, viable, sustainable transportation choice. For more information see above under Spoke(n) Art Bike Ride.

That Yarn Store ?Š
Knitting Under the Influence! By Claire LaZebnik
Book Signing & Drinks: Saturday, February 10, 5p
That Yarn Store, 1578 W Colorado Blvd, LA, CA
323.256.9276 that.yarnstore@gmail.com www.thatyarnstore.com www.myspace.com/thatyarnstore www.thatyarnstore.blogspot.com

Chat with Claire, author of 'Knitting Under the Influence!" a novel of life, knitting & martinis in LA, & have a drink (or two) of a martini from the book.

Pottery Plus Gallery
Toros Gallery, 4962 Eagle Rock Blvd, LA, CA
323.344.8330 info@torospottery.com www
Young Art ?Š
Miles Jopling Exhibit
Artist‘«÷s Reception: February 10, 7 ‘«Ű 10p
Young Art, 747 N Avenue 50, LA, CA
February 10 - March 3
323.344.1322 info@youngartgallery.com www.youngartgallery.com

Drawings and installation by Miles Jopling. Music and drinks.

Blues on my ceiling
all over my head
run down the walls
across the floor
under my bed

light across the street
blinking off and on

ill never get out of these blues alive


La Tocada Latina: Free radio SAIC with La Veneno Cortes
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Fridays, 5 - 6p Chicago/Mexico, 3 - 4p LA
312.345.3805 carminacortes@hotmail.com Freeradio@artic.edu www.freeradiosaic.org

Listen to Carmina Cortes, a local Chicana artist, as she broadcasts from art school in Chicago. Go to the website, click on Listen Now, then an orange box will pop up ...you can send your hellos & even see Carmina on this little orange box. She'll be playing music en espanol. You can call her & be on the air as well.

Community Drum Circles
Sundays, 12:30p families, 1:30p adults only
Rock Rose Gallery/Productions & Arroyo Books, 4108 N Figueroa St, Sycamore Grove
323.222.4740 rockroseart@yahoo.com www.rockrosegallery.com

Drum Circle - Bring your own drum or percussion instrument or use one of those provided by the gallery. Taught by Mr Blue, a versatile artist from New York.

Jazz Composers Workshop
Sundays, 3 - 5:30p
Rock Rose Gallery/Productions & Arroyo Books, 4108 N Figueroa St, Sycamore Grove
323.222.4740 rockroseart@yahoo.com www.rockrosegallery.com

Son Jarocho Classes
Tuesdays, 4:30 - 6p
East Side Caf?ģ, 5469 Huntington Dr N, LA, CA
Donations are accepted

Son Jarocho Classes! Learn to: Play Jarana: String Instrument from Veracruz; Dance Zapateado; Sing & compose Sones-songs; & Gain Knowledge of Son Jarocho music, Children, teens & Adults

A Mic & Dim Lights
Thursdays, 9p
Cal Poly Downtown Center, 300 2nd St, Pomona (Arts Colony)
Door: 300 pennies

Free Salsa Dance Class with Miguel: 7 ‘«Ű 8p
Live Music: 9p - 1:30a
Steven's SteakHouse, 5332 Steven's Place City of Commerce, CA
323.723.9856 Fay@charangoa.com www.charangoa.com

There are lots of great dancers & surprises. They hope to see you there soon.


Call For Entries: Puppets, Puppets, Puppets: In May & June of 2007, the Arroyo Arts Collective will be hosting Puppets, Puppets, Puppets, a Puppetry Festival in Northeast Los Angeles: They are looking for puppeteers, artists who make puppets, teachers for puppetry workshops for children & adults & a teacher to give a talk on the history of puppetry. Thanks to generous grants from the City of LA, Department of Cultural Affairs, & the LA County Board of Supervisors through the LA County Arts Commission we are able to give modest honoraria to puppeteers & teachers for this event.

Here??s how to get involved:

1) Puppeteers with a puppet show they??d like to present: We are looking for about 10 puppeteers to put on puppets shows in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles during the weekends of June 1, 2 & 3 & June 7, 8 & 9, 2007. Shows on June 3 will be part of the Lummis Day Festival in Sycamore Grove Park. Shows on June 9 will be part of the NELA Second Saturday Art Walk in galleries in Highland Park. These shows will be selected by a panel of judges including Alan Cook, Curator of the Conservatory of Puppetry Arts & Susan Simpson, puppeteer & teacher in the Cotsen Center for Puppetry & the Arts, at the California Institute of the Arts. All chosen puppeteers will receive a honorarium of between $100 & $300, based on the needs of the individual show. The Collective‘«÷s intention is to showcase in our neighborhood a representative sampling of the interesting new trends in contemporary puppetry. We??d particularly love to see shows about Los Angeles & its colorful characters, the Los Angeles River, & the diversity that characterizes our city. Multilingual shows are encouraged. We??re hoping for a nice blend of family friendly shows & more experimental works that would appeal to an adult audience. Our venues include outdoor performances in Sycamore Grove Park (a temporary stage will bbe available), as well as shows in the Acorn Gallery & other interior spaces. Ideally, shows will be short (under 30 minutes), self contained, or requiring short set up time, with modest lighting & sound requirements. We will also consider short films involving puppets.

2) Teachers who would like to teach a brief workshop on puppetry for children or adults: We are looking for workshop teachers to work with community members to teach adults & children puppetry skills. Our community includes artists, parents, school children, teachers & the curious. Last year we had great success making large street puppets with students & adults at Franklin High School, This was accomplished over three Saturdays prior to Lummis Day, & the puppets were carried in a parade from the Lummis Home to Sycamore Grove Park. We could do this again &/or have some shorter workshops (Example: a workshop to build a simple rod puppet, finger puppet or marionette ) at the Acorn Gallery or a local library. Teachers will receive honoraria appropriate to the project.

3) Puppetry Historian: We need one special person to give a presentation on the history of puppetry. This would occur a few weeks prior to June 3, at a gallery, library or other community space in Highland Park. It would be wonderful if this presentation had a hands on component (Example: A puppet petting zoo?) An honorarium will be given for this presentation.

If you are interested in putting on a puppet show, teaching a workshop or giving a presentation on the history of puppetry, please complete the following: Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email.

Please give a brief description (250 words) of your show, workshop or presentation. Be sure to tell us if this show is for adults or families, if it can be performed outdoors & what is needed for lighting & amplification. If you have supporting materials such as reviews of your work, photos or sketches, please include these with your application. Please send your application to The Arroyo Arts Collective, P.O. Box 50835, Highland Park, California 90050-0835 (or by email to puppets@arroyoartscollective.org ) by March 1, 2007. If you need further information, please contact us at puppets@arroyoartscollective.org .

We will notify winners of these competitions by March 31, 2007.

Artists Who Make Puppets: The Arroyo Arts Collective will have an open show, entitled Puppets on the Wall, in our Acorn Gallery. We are looking for artist made puppets of all types. We hope that artists from all media will create work for this show. There are no entry fees but entrants MUST BE CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE ARROYO ARTS COLLECTIVE. Please email your intention to participate to the Arroyo Arts Collective (puppets@arroyoartscollective.org ). A separate entry form for Puppets on the Wall will appear in the next edition of the Arroyo Arts Collective newsletter.

The Pico Rivera Centre for the Arts announces its 3rd Annual Call for Entries exhibit: The Exhibition will begin June 9 - July 21: An artists‘«÷ reception will be held on Sunday, June 10, 3 ‘«Ű 5p. Participation is open to any living SoCal artist 18 years or older. All entries must be original works of not more that two years old (2004 ‘«Ű 2007). Submissions limited to two pieces maximum. There is a participation fee of $10 for one piece & $15 for two pieces to help defray the cost of installation & publicizing the exhibition. We will accept cash or check payable to the City of Pico Rivera. Slide submissions are due by March 5 at 5:30p. Accepted entries will be notified by March 12. f there are any questions, please call the Centre for the Arts at 562.801.4300.

Call for Artists Postmarked 2007 Third Annual International Art Envelope Fundraiser Exhibit & Silent Auction April 4 - 8: Requesting your original art envelopes for display & sale to raise funds for The Claremont Forum's Prison Library Project, which sends thousands of books free to inmates throughout the country. Hundreds of volunteers package books (donated to the Project by our local community), which are then mailed in response to inmate letters requesting reading material while incarcerated. Please join us for this international event. Your art envelope may be painted, stamped, collaged, printed, &/or otherwise decorated or constructed. It may be any shape & size that will go through the mail & receive an official postmark. It may get worn or torn through the mail, but the handling process is an important part of the theme. You may include any message or premium inside the envelope, which will be opened ONLY by the person who purchases the art envelope, & not beforehand. You may submit as many envelopes as you wish, & begin sending now. Please address your art to: Postmarked 2007 Prison Library Project, 112 Harvard #303, Claremont, CA 91711. Submissions must arrive by April 1. Exhibit: April 4 ‘«Ű 8, 111 S College Ave, Claremont, CA Hours: noon - 4 daily. Artists‘«÷ Reception: Friday, April 6, 5 - 9p; Auction ends Sunday April 8, 5p. For more information please contact Anne @ Art Work Studio 909.624.8424 or anniearts2003@yahoo.com

Dear Quilters/Fiber Artists: Please start working on your pieces for submission to our 2007 Sense of Fiber Show in Pomona! Welcomed are quilts & fiber art of all sizes & shapes. We would also like to invite you to teach a workshop during the run of the show. Dates of the exhibition will be April 4 through May 19. Email or call Chris Frausto Christina_Frausto@pitzer.edu 909.607.8184 or Madeleine Wilhite mwilhite@pitzer.edu with questions. We look forward to your work.

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