Another Anti-Mexican Racist Lie in the History of L.A.

The ethnic cleansing of African Americans by Mexicans in L.A.

By Daniel Maldonado
Published on LatinoLA: February 20, 2007

Another Anti-Mexican Racist Lie in the History of L.A.

In a recent article published by the Southern Poverty Law Center "L.A. Blackout" by Brentin Mock, the reader is quickly directed towards a path of anti-Mexican hate reminiscent of the Hearst press's anti-zootsuiter campaigns of the 1940's. But Mock's disservice is not just to Mexicans, but to African-Americans as well. Mock's failure to provide an even-handed expos?® fans anti-black stereotypes in the sense that blacks get away with things simply because they are black. In addition, the portrayal of blacks as pure victims without any share of the responsibility is counter-productive and does not lead towards resolution, but to continued divisiveness.

Blacks commit plenty of crime against Mexicans which you would never know if you were to believe Mock's article.

But a small percentage of black / Hispanic crime in Los Angeles, CA can be linked to the prison system. Back when Pelican Bay State Prison was being built the blacks made a deal with the authorities.

This deal was to remove the Mexicans from their incarceration in San Quentin and Folsom prisons and send them to Pelican Bay while the blacks could remain in Folsom and San Quentin to run things. In exchange the blacks would behave themselves, keeping stabbings and murders down and settling things quietly without forcing the authorities to act or drawing attention from the politicians or the press.

As a result, two things happened here:

1 - The blacks cooperated with the authorities which lost them respect and,

2 - The blacks made this deal at the expense of the Mexicans.

In making a deal with the authorities the blacks drove the final wedge between the two groups that has lasted to this day and shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

Since that deal was made however, the authorities have reneged on their end of the bargain and have long since been sending blacks to Pelican Bay as well.

Apart from all of this that has happened in the prison system, blacks and Hispanics are faced with other factors like forced multi-culturalism in the midst of poverty.

Now if poverty alone will not be acknowledged by society as a root source of racial tensions then much less will the failure of the Americans' "multi-cultural society" experiment.

But this is not a "Hispanics hate innocent blacks" thing. In fact, to suggest so is purely racist in and of itself anti-Mexican racism, which is still mostly acceptable.

There are few models around the world where you have multi-cultural ethnicities and races getting along well in a poverty stricken environment.

The failure here is in society's insistence that the races must mix under impoverished conditions and the refusal to recognize that they don't want to. And that multi-multiculturalism does not work, at least not in cases where the majority of people are poor.

The notion that this is an anti-black race war being waged by Mexicans to ethnically cleanse L.A. from blacks is entirely incorrect, fabricated, deliberately misleading and is part of an anti-Mexican sentiment that has existed for decades, not to mention counter-productive.

Nothing has been mentioned lately about the ruthlessness of black street gangs and their shot callers from inside the prison system. This lopsided, biased reporting sends a signal to the blacks that they can continue in their deeds unimpeded since the pressure is on the Mexicans.

Instead what we see on television is mostly the tragedy of black children being killed while playing in their own neighborhoods and black community leaders asking: "Why do you hate us?"

This sends a signal to the Hispanic community in general that the blacks are getting away with things simply because they are black. Blacks commit the exact same crimes against the Hispanic community yet it largely goes unnoticed. As most Latinos in L.A. know, however, the laws are not enforced equally from the streets to the courts to the prison system. Things are far worse for Latinos in the criminal justice system, far worse.

The next point I'd like to make is that there are plenty of OTM (other than Mexican) gangs out there that do not want to be forced into multi-culturalism with blacks either. There are Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, Guatemalans and others who feel as the Mexicans do yet the media portrays this as a race war of ethnic cleansing by the Mexicans against blacks, which could not be farther from the truth.

Why is that no one ever points out the neighborhoods where these instances of black / Mexican, Mexican / black micro-wars seem to develop? Years ago during the crack cocaine epidemic in L.A. there was wide spread speculation that there was far more cocaine in Brentwood / Westwood than there was in south central L.A.

This was partly do to the high cost of the drug. Since the people of Brentwood / Westwood generally have higher incomes than the people of South Central L.A. It was a foregone conclusion that there would be more drugs there too. But why the low instances of drug related arrests in Brentwood / Westwood? The low instances of drug related arrests in Brentwood / Westwood were attributed to notion that the drugs were being consumed inside the privacy of the people's own homes. That the police were less likely to go poking around because even though they knew where the drugs where, they simply didn't want to arrest people in these more affluent neighborhoods. So people in Brentwood / Westwood comfortably consumed their drugs to their heart's desire with little or no fear of the authorities.

In contrast, powder cocaine was just too expensive for the youth of So. Central L.A. There was little chance that a mother would let her youngster do drugs in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. This took drug abuse outdoors and made it visible. And the police had a different attitude towards the people of So. Central L.A.

That attitude was more of an army in occupation than it was that of civil servants sworn to protect and to serve the community. As a result, young blacks and Hispanics were arrested by the millions, prosecuted more harshly and sent to prison more frequently.

During this period there was racial tension but it was equally spread among the three major races. And that held until the blacks cut the deal with the authorities which lost them a great deal of their respect. In a world where people losing their respect for you will get you killed, the blacks found themselves on the defensive end of the battle and with ever decreasing numbers relative to the growing Latino population.

Now couple this to the changing demographic of L.A. where once all black neighborhoods are now all Latino neighborhoods and you will find that these changes are not the result of ethnic cleansing. But rather the result of violent crime in impoverished neighborhoods spawned by the demand for drugs.

Let's not forget how bad things were before in these neighborhoods before they turned Latino. Blacks were leaving in droves to places like Chino, Pomona and Rancho Cucamonga, CA. to escape the black on black violence. It was not ethnic cleansing then, and it is not ethnic cleaning now. To suggest so might sell more books but it is factually incorrect and racist.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge that multi-culturalism does work in certain cases. It works in affluent neighborhoods where the parents have the means to provide for everything and there is little or no worry about making ends meet. And where the houses are so big that there are only a few on one block and overcrowding is not an issue.

Multiculturalism does not work in over-crowded neighborhoods where even the 3 year olds are worried about getting evicted.

This notion of Mexican ethnic cleansing of African Americans is just one more anti-Mexican racist lie in the history of L.A.

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