W's Monument to 9-11

It is permanent war that is immoral and illegal

By Roberto Rodriguez
Published on LatinoLA: March 1, 2007

W's Monument to 9-11

In November, the voters blow the trumpets loudly.
Now, Congress half-ways wakens from its slumber,
and the president says he knows now what to do:
Once again it is forward-backward, to Victory!

 In the wake of 9-11, ashes smoldering in the air,
his eyes look toward the heavens
and tells us he knows now why he was "chosen."
His instructions have come from above,
not below, to wage permanent war,
to bring about everlasting peace.

In the name of 9-11, he is to build a monument,
to war, eternal war,
to bring civilization and Christianity,
to heathens and unbelievers,
to bring about lasting peace.
He has a mission: all he needs is Feith (at the Pentagon).
Where have we heard this before?

9-11 has now become a deity,
that demands a constant flow of blood,
human sacrifices and offerings,
before thismonument to war, eternal war.
This deity, has no name, just a number.
Everything, in the name of this deity: 9-11.

W has been anointed a latter-day Matamoros,
a Moor-killer ÔÇô akin to a Mata-Indios-Indian-Killer.
Arabs-Muslims-Islamofascists -- the new enemy,
not ever to be named, not ever to be counted.
All in the name of honoring this deity,
and protecting the glorious Homeland.
But there can't ever be a homeland, on Indian lands.

In the name of 9-11, he commands his followers
to build a monument that will touch the sky.
Does not he remember the Tower of Babel
and the languages of confusion?
They built a grand tower seeking glory,
only to be destroyed and be left unintelligible.

In the name of his heavenly father above,
to "avenge" his father below, with absolute power,
he starts a needless war, an endless war.
In the name of the son, he wages a crusade,
against infidels and a Holy War, a civilizational war,
against barbarians. In the name of the spirit, of 9-11.

In the name of "The decider" - a cheerleader,
with false bravado, his finger on the nuclear trigger,
he deceives, distorts and ignores mere mortal laws.
He pedals color-coded fear: pink for "Bring 'em on."
yellow for: be afraid; red for: live in fear;
green for: OK to illegally kidnap, torture and spy;
and brown for: fear and hate the brown hordes.

He declares "Mission accomplished." Yet,
He is wrong. No mission has been accomplished.
There is no Osama-Saddam connection,
nor Weapons of Mass Destruction.
None in Iraq and none under his desk.
But there is Haliburton, Blackwater and FOX News,
and a massive assault on the Constitution.

In the name of: Cheney's greed and contempt;
Wolfowitz's and Pearle's New American Dream;
Rove's manipulations and Libby's memory;
Rice's mushroom clouds and Tenet's slam dunk;
Rummy's last throes & Gonzales's finger to Geneva;
and W's renditions to Guantanamo and Abu Grahib.

And still, there's a clamor for more monuments
and thirst for more wars,
while his supporters demand a 2,000-mile wall.
Theocratic Bush has forgotten Babel & Berlin,
and is oblivious to Baghdad but vows never to forget 9-11,
nor Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia & North Korea,
nor Sudan, Cuba, Colombia & Venezuela.

The highest tower, the longest wall, the longest war.
A Babel of dribble, confusion and delusion.
A burning Bush calls for new wars.
Thousands of coffins later and the voters' message,
is unchanged: the war is still illegal and there is no
divine right to American intervention and occupation.

In the name of Victory for the Motherland & Fatherland,
"support the troops" has become the newest mantra and deity,
while hiding behind & anointing them the new "deciders."
In the name of the father, the son and 9-11,
and the dismissed generals, listen to Lt. Ehren Watada:
It's not the surge; it's the war itself that is immoral & illegal.
It is permanent war that is immoral and illegal.

In honor and memory of Molly Ivins,

(c) Column of the Americas 2007

About Roberto Rodriguez:
Rodriguez can be reached at: Column of the Americas PO BOX 5093
Madison WI 53705 -- XColumn@gmail.com or 608-238-3161
It is archived at: hometown.aol.com/xcolumn/myhomepage/

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