News from the Brown Side of Town 3.3.07

happenings in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: March 3, 2007

News from the Brown Side of Town 3.3.07

?íOrale, me Gente! Getting back on the boulevards, highways, dance floors, & radio airwaves of Aztlan is just what the Doctor ordered, so here we go.

Life, love, music, dancing, and laughter is the legacy of the people Brown, a blessing bestowed upon us by the Goddess of Ritmo we share with one another that maintains our status as cognoscente of the party and the night, under the stars.

First and foremost, I wish to extend my utmost gratitude and respect to all of you, from around the World, for your kind words of love, support, and condolences during the recent passing of my beloved brother Bobby, un firme vato mas de aquellas.

A special thanks goes out to Pastor Ray Tellez and the wonderful parishioners of the Hope of Glory Christian Fellowship of Whittier, Pastor Tony Diaz of the Praise Chapel Christian of Montebello, Mr. Steven Chavez of RAMPART Records/East L.A. Revue Radio, Mr. Abelardo de la Pe??a of LatinoLA, and the Old Memories Car Club of East Los Angeles...

My Familia stands grateful for the wonderful send off to Heaven you helped with. Thank you for being there, mis carnales...there just ain't enough words to convey this...

And now, on with the music...watcha:
The East L.A. Revue Radio Network will soon be expanding their bandwidth to accommodate the growing number of listeners World wide to avoid the problems we previously experienced with KCLA FM, and Q-VO Radio. With DJ's Frankie Firme, Crazy Chuy Hernandez, and Chico Manqueros spinning the finest Oldies, R & B, Classic Rock & Roll, Funk, Tejano, Latin Soul, and the sweetest Latin Jazz you ever heard, East L.A. Radio statistics reveal listeners from Russia, China, Japan, England, Cuba, Indonesia, The Balkans, The Middle East, Mexico, and Canada, as well as Hawaii and the continental United States.rnrnTalk about a Brown thing all over the World! Orale!! (I can just see them dancing slow or boogying to a cumbia in Moscow!) For easy access, simply hit the "East L.A. Revue ~ Latino L.A. Jukebox" button to the left of this page, and cruise into Chicano Music Heaven !

Share the radio page with friends around the World: http://eastlarevue.com/radio.php .

You can also log onto www.chicanoexpress.com, or www.chicojazzonline.com if you still can't get enough of some of the best 24 hour Chicano Music programming on the Planet! A store/merchandise and preferred link page will soon come on line, giving you the best music, merchandise, and souvenirs you've been looking for, along with doorways to other worlds in Aztlan. For more info, e-mail: stevenchavez68@hotmail.com .

Coming Sunday afternoon, April 1st, Frankie Firme and Marvin "Rip" Spencer, in conjunction with the Old Memories Car Club of East Los Angeles, will be presenting the first "Peace in the Street" classic R & B music series concert event at the Montebello Inn. We need to do something to stop the violence that threatens our streets, our neighborhoods, our children, and our standing in this world.

Since most of the media's blame and TV news composition reflect the gang violence being the exclusive domain of Latinos & Blacks, we thought we'd kick 'em off their pedestals and show them that not only do we make the best music & party, but we can also take the lead in educating our young, and articulate a message of hope without threats of incarceration or punishment designed to serve a political end, satisfying the political elite. Their way isn't working....so let's try our way!

The idea of reintroducing the art of classic R & B/Soul/Rock & Roll music performances to younger generations while conveying an educational message for the good of the community is back in full swing, thanks to the West Coast Classic R & B Connection and Co.
Our first concert at time of this writing will feature famed recording artists MARVIN & JOHNNY, THE COASTERS, GRADY CHAPMAN of the ROBINS, FANITA JAMES (of Richard Berry & the Dreamers, The Blossoms, and the Shirelles), with music back up from the famed IMPOSTERS Band. The Old Memories car Club of East Los Angeles will be on hand for photo ops , showcasing the finest classic rides in the 'hood. Your Host, MC, & house DJ will be Frankie Firme, with special guest stars & dignitaries expected. As our message spreads, so will our shows, and the artists involved. For more info, contact stevenchavez68@hotmail.com, Rip Spencer at (310) 613-3991, or the Sounds of Music Record Store in East L.A. at (323) 261-9224.

Rumors of personnel changes are true to the good, as famed TIERRA member and bass player Steve Falomir continues in the mix, and the deliciously dynamic & deadly Lady Eileen Benavides returned as lead vocalist for the SATISFACTION Band. They flawlessly performed recently with a noticeably new sense of excitement, as they packed houses at the Commerce Casino, The Whittier Radisson Hotel, and the Norwalk Saddleback Inn. Being one of my favorite groups in L.A., I wasn't surprised when master guitarist Chris "Lil' Santana" Reserva told me recently that somebody had already inquired into their availability on New Year's Eve! Wherever they'll be, you can be assured that you will be satisfied with SATISFACTION! For more info, go to: www.satisfactionband.com

Getting with the times, a whole lot of Gente are checking out the "Finest Chicano Blues Band on the Planet", The BLUES STRAIGHT UP BAND, as they played to packed crowds at Steve's bar-b-que in Whittier, and the Holly Street Grill in Pasadena recently. The lustful and seductive vocal duet of Lady Lava Gonzalez and Dave "Harpdog" Pierce, accompanied by a master blues band that includes East L.A.'s legendary Big Mike Rincon is just too intoxicating for words. Check out an original American art form, the blues, done Chicano style! For more info: www.bluesstraightup.com

Heavy e-mail & phone reports from the East L.A. Revue/LatinoLA road dogs report heavy but well dressed & behaved crowds at the Whittier Radisson Hotel Lounge these past 3 weeks, with sold out houses for SOTO, DOWN WITH 3, SATISFACTION, WEST SIDE CREW, SUAVE,and SMOOTH TOUCH. The Jaramillo Entertainment Group (J.E.G., Ltd) has made a major dent in the "Burrito circuit" of L.A. music lately, and the Gente are loving it!! Peter Jaramillo & the J.E.G. staff have taken a page out of Steven Chavez's playbook: Give the people what they want to hear, give them plenty of space to park & dance, offer the best service & entertainment for reasonable prices, special accommodations for the ladies, and ALWAYS invite them back!!...and it's working!!

No wonder Peter's packing 'em in ! Check out his latest story on LatinoLA (http://latinola.com/story.php?story=3985) to find out his secret. For more info: www.jegrp.com

A couple of LatinoLA road dogs spotted Chicano singer Pepe Marquez at the Stardust, Flamingo, and Ceasar's Palace Hotels in Las Vegas this weekend with a lovely lady in tow. Was he performing... or is there a possibility of a secret wedding?

Hmmm...Girls! Check out his website at www.pepemarquez.com and let us know!

The Pride of Orange County, BARELA, is coming to the Land of 1000 Dances in May. You KNOW LatinoLA will be there! For more info: www.barelaband.com. We talking some fine musica here, mi Gente!

Becky Cordova & The COMPANY Band continue to rock the San Fernando Valley and beyond like nobody else can. With each performance, Becky, Aztlan's premiere cancer survivor, just keeps on getting better. "Our girl Becky". You GO girl!!

The SF Valley's top Chicano band is also making it's way to the L.A. area soon. For more info: www.thecompanyband-tcb.com

Despite the temporary closing and relocating of the San Fernando Valley's famed Chicano Cultural/Art/Performance Center, TIA CHUCHA's in Sylmar, to make way for a new laundromat (property owner calls it "progress"), the Gente still came out en masse last weekend for the closing ceremony and party prior to their re-location to a temporary location in Pacoima. Festivities included live performances, the showing of a documentary movie, guest speakers and performers, food, drink, and an art, music, & book sale. RAMPART Records Executives Hector Gonzalez and Steven Chavez, East L.A. Revue Radio's Janie Palacios Chavez, musician Bobby Navarrette, popular L.A. Radio Station 92.3 FM, and Japanese Magazine and Music publisher Shin Miyata were spotted among the crowd.

"I've been coming here all the way from Moreno Valley for years to attend or be part of shows, or to buy some art, books, or music for family and friends. It's a shame to see it closing down here in Sylmar. There's nothing else like it here in the San Fernando Valley. I support any and all moves they make to keep it alive." Steven Chavez told me.

"This is sad and affects a whole lot of people in this community", author & founder Luis Rodriguez said. "The Art, the music, the people, the love, the laughter, our culture...I can't just walk away from this. My wife Trini, our employees and I have pretty much invested our hearts into this center, in this neighborhood, in this community. We've been offered alternative sites in East L.A., Olvera Street in downtown L.A., Montebello, El Monte, and Pasadena. While I appreciate the kindness and generosity of so many, I'm committed to keeping Tia Chucha's in the San Fernando Valley for the simple reason is that this is where we started and there's no other community Chicano Cultural Performance Center in the San Fernando Valley...so here's where we'll stay!"

LatinoLA stands behind Tia Chucha's, as well as the many artists who have come forward in support.rnrnFor more info, e-mail:info@tiachucha.com or log onto www.Xispas.com .

As always, the Chicano finest music in the World is found at www.eastlarevue.com, www.chicanoexpress.com , and www.chicojazonline.com .

The word of Aztlan is always found here first, on LatinoLA.com , where it's always
"A BROWN thing, baby!". Check out our calander page, and don't hesitate to add your events. We reach more Latinos in the World than any other webmagazine in Aztlan!

Ay te watcho....from the City of Angels, in the Land of 1000 Dances, Aztlan.rnrnFrankie Firme

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme is "The Al Capone of the microphone, and the hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul"
website: www.frankiefirme.50megs.com

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