Latina Who Can Get You Published

Story tellers rule the world

By Al Carlos Hernandez
Published on LatinoLA: March 25, 2007

Latina Who Can Get You Published

Marclela Landres is a uniquely skilled editorial consultant who travels the country and works on-line in helping veteran and first time Latino authors get published. Her results are impressive.

Raised in the housing projects in Long Island City Queens, she was one of the first Latino editors at Simon & Schuster in New York. In her seven year tenure there she realized that, writers are woefully uninformed about the business side of publishing, this lack of knowledge often results in disappointment and missed opportunities.

Marcela said, "I‘«‹ve been independent since 2003, I get paid to do what I love-editing manuscripts and empowering writers; I present workshops around the country on how to get published, I get to travel and meet people, arrange my own schedule, the down side of that is that I work all the time including weekends and holidays."

"Knowledge is power only when shared and as such I offer clients form all walks of life my experience and expertise with the intention of empowering the artist to create the writing career one desires and deserved."

"The biggest problem for first time writers is that they think their job is to be the best writer they can be and it is someone else‘«‹s job to sell their books, this is why most books fail/"

"I have created an award wining web site http://www.marcelalandres.com/Welcome.html whereby I give writers strategic advice as to how to launch and maintain a successful writing career, this includes advice as how to write a successful book proposal, how to get published and a free career advice newsletter."


"As a consultant I edit manuscripts, critique proposals and offer advice on how to strategically navigate the business side of publishing."

Landres has an impressive and growing list of publishing success stories, she likes to put forth her credo and old Hopi proverbs that says, "The one who tells the stories rules the world."

"There is a growing market for Latino writers, because of the increasing amount of Latino readers, according to the 200 census; Marcela says that three out of five Latinos are English dominant, when it comes to reading books. So, the demand for 'Latino' books is primarily for those written in English. Most published books are non-fiction the same holds true for the Latino market."

"When agents and editors contact me looking for Latino writers, the number one kind of book they‘«‹re looking for is young adult Latina commercial fiction or what I call Chiquita Lit. Unless you write very quickly and/or are passionate about current events/pop culture, new writers should write what they authentically love and don't obsess too much about trends. The process of writing a book is s-l-o-w, so by the time a writer finishes a manuscript whatever was hot has turned cold. As long as we keep having babies, we will have readers, though most babies will admittedly grow up to be videogamers instead of book lovers."

"While there are exceptions, such as academic books for the most part writers are better off with and agent than without," Marcela has a working relationship with many agents who are looking for new talent.

Marcela has had many successes, "My favorite success story would be Janice Taylor, Long and short; she had a great idea for a book, got an agent a bunch of rejections, she came to me we fixed her book proposal, the book went out to auction and ended up at Penguin a major publisher, for an advance just under six figures. Her Book, "Our Lady of Weight Loss" was published in August of 2006. I work with one writer at a time, either editing manuscripts or critiquing proposals. Big an d small publishers are both good-which is better for a particular book depends on the author and the book idea‘«?.

"While writing can be a calling, a vocation and even a mission, if you want to get published that means you want to get paid for writing, it becomes a job. Be an artist when you write, but be a professional when you seek publication."

"In the future I would like to launch a line of products such as e-book versions of my workshops. My idea clients or workshop attendees are writers who are professional about their careers as they are passionate about their craft."

If you are serious about becoming a published author, contact Marcela Landres on her website.

About Al Carlos Hernandez:
Al Carlos is now an Adjuct Professor of media.

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