Letter to Latino 96.3

Perpetuating ignorance and further desensitizing the Latino community to violence and negativity is not why you're on the radio

By Alyssa O.
Published on LatinoLA: March 25, 2007

Letter to Latino 96.3

I wrote this email to the Los Angeles station Latino 96.3 after hearing an inappropriately-themed prank call made during their AM show,"The Morning Invasion" on Friday, March 23rd. I have not received a response from the station and most likely never will.

Dear Nico, Joey, and Alysha:

Let me start by telling you how much I love listening to Latino 96.3, especially on my way to and from work in the morning. I tune into the Morning Invasion because the music makes me bounce and you guys make me laugh a lot. That being said, the prank call you made this morning to the hardware store was not funny at all. I'm a person with a wide-ranging sense of humor, but today you went too far. To joke about torturing and killing a woman (regardless of what she's done) is appalling, especially when you consider the extreme violence happening in many of the communities where the majority of your listeners live.

I am curious to know what exactly you thought was funny about this call?? Was it the gruesome ways you were trying to kill and get rid of the woman or the fact that the guy on the other end of the phone wasn't smart enough to understand what was happening? Of all the ideas you could have picked for today's call, I've been wondering why in the world you would choose this one. You guys have pushed the envelope with these calls before, but today was shameful. If you're trying to set yourselves apart from other stations in an edgy and positive way, this is definitely not the way to do it. I wouldn't be surprised if other men and women who were listening today were as surprised and disappointed as I was. And even if I were the only one, that would just be further proof of the sad reality that many Latinos have become desensitized to graphic violence, particularly violence against women.

I've been proud of your station's involvement in Los Angeles from your visits to high schools to your hosting different artists and events out in the community. As a Latina who values education (both in school and in the street) and wants desperately to see her people advance, I'd be even prouder if you'd take your place as the leaders you are and use your airtime positively. Whether or not you realize it, when people tune in, they really LISTEN to you. I know that perpetuating ignorance and further desensitizing the Latino community to violence and negativity is not why you're on the radio. I am glad Latino 96.3 exists and I want to continue to show support and provide feedback/ideas, so that you can continue to go forward and make positive waves, not only in Los Angeles, but across the country. That's why I hope never to hear anything from you as awful and insensitive as what I heard today.

Listening in Highland Park,

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