May La Fuerza Be With You

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination the latest exhibit at the California Science Center

By Anthony Montoya
Published on LatinoLA: March 28, 2007

May La Fuerza Be With You

Would you believe that there is actually a connection between the Star Wars movies and Latinos? Aside from being great patrons of the flicks. Latinos actually had a bit of influence in the making of a few episodes - better said, our ancestors did.

Remember the Massassi outpost on the fourth moon of Yavin that was shown toward the end of Star Wars IV, A New Hope? Well, this fortress so happened to be the ancient Mayan temples of Tikal, Guatemala. It comes to no surprise that Se??or Lucas would be impressed by the splendor of these monolithic edifices built by a race of people who were obsessed with the stars and space travel.

In a later episode, LucasÔÇÜs film crew even traveled to Espa??a to shoot a scene for Revenge of the Clones. Finally in the end, or back to somewhere in the beginning of the story, Jimmy Smits portrays Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan in Star Wars: Episode II.

With all that said, all you Star Wars fans can now feast your eyes on more than 200 actual costumes, props and artifacts used in all of the Star Wars episodes right here in LatinoLA.

It's the latest exhibit, Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination at the California Science Center in Exposition Park. Great thing about this exhibit is that it's free and open to the public. Great fun for the entire family to enjoy. Word of advice: try to visit during the week if possible. Weekends get crowded.

Nevertheless, this exhibit is well worth the wait to see. Get there quick though because it ends April 29. For more information, call (213) SCI-ENCE or visit their website at http://www.californiasciencenter.org

Paz and may La Fuerza be with you!

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