Plain Jane, Fancy Nancy, or Crude Jude?

Maybe I'll wear something dressier than an old T-shirt and sneakers

By Kat Avila
Published on LatinoLA: April 27, 2007

Plain Jane, Fancy Nancy, or Crude Jude?

Are you a Plain Jane, Fancy Nancy, or Crude Jude? I realized how plain I was next to the three-year-old girls who sported tiaras and posh footwear at a book signing by FANCY NANCY picture book illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser. (Author Jane O'Connor was not present.)

Glasser is a local who lives in Newport Beach with her husband and two children. Some readers may know her as the illustrator of Lynne Cheney's AMERICA: A PATRIOTIC PRIMER.

Robin Preiss Glasser had her own tiara on and was wrapped up in a fluffy, pink-feathered boa. She read from the newest release in the series, which is FANCY NANCY AND THE POSH PUPPY. The girls learned words like "Merci!" (that's French for "thank you," you know), "ecstatic" a fancy word for "happy"), and "unique."

Parents watched from the sidelines as their daughters talked fancy and ate fancy. Glasser passed out flower cookies, the ones with the hole in the center, dropping each cookie like a ring over the upraised pinkies of the girls. She showed them how to properly nibble on the cookie and not to gobble it down like the Cookie Monster. Of course, when I got my cookie, I sort of mashed it into my face (old habits are hard to break).

Then the girls learned how to walk properly by balancing a banana on their heads. (Glasser was a longtime soloist with the Pennsylvania Ballet, so her posture was impeccable.) I tried not to slouch so much in my seat.

The next book to be released, Glasser announced, will be FANCY NANCY AND THE BONJOUR BUTTERFLY. It's a good thing, because I'm gonna be needing more fancy lessons. And maybe I'll wear something dressier than an old T-shirt and sneakers.

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