New migra fences slice la tierra

By Phil Goldvarg
Published on LatinoLA: August 8, 2002


News item: The Border Patrol announced construction of a second 15-foot-high steel fence, to be built several hundred feet north of the current fence separating San Diego and Tijuana, with plans to extend the second fence to the ocean and build a third fence. The project will cost at least US$26 million.


Borders are moving,
shimmering lines of demarcation
that blend into each other
like blood dancing with oil
in a circle of mystical music
from past and future
events that occurred
or didn't
or existed in some other dimension
of formless dreams
that almost disappear
in the sun's face,
fences grow like wild corn
and are harvested
in quick succession,
the outline of their existence
still praying against the sky
while loyalists sleep softly,
feeling safe
in their illusionary presence,
borders are edges,
long wounds in the earth,
paper voices that cry entrance,
keep out,
keep in,
keep going,
they are towers that spit death,
pin point eyes that expose,
they are vision closed
and palms held up,
facing outward,
not the position
to catch a child
and hug it's pain,
they are thick with overreaction,
thin with pretension,
retrofitted with new age technology,
revolution resistant
that will not melt
to the pleas of death racers
fleeing the ministry of peace
or living skeletons
escaping their nutrition programs,
borders are plastic faces
reflecting panic and fear
never accepting
or raising the mask
for eye to meet eye,
hear silent cry,
watch eagle fly,
see hope die
or watch barbed wire hate
strung out in wild fear
by greedy hands
that could not possibly hold
so much land,
eat so much bread,
dance with all the rain
or never feel pain,
borders are the hope
of status quo immortality,
lack of accountability,
to be confronted
by the destruction
of conscienceless acts,
long range oppression
and their rattling voices
that carry the wind.
borders are gates that slam
and slam,
that block and close
and deny and preclude
and delude
the mass of protected dreamers,
that borders
are not porous.

Phil Goldvarg

About Phil Goldvarg:
Phil Goldvarg, poet and artist, lives in Sacramento, CA

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