News from the Brown side of Town 5.2.07

Happenings in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: May 2, 2007

News from the Brown side of Town 5.2.07

Orale! This week's news starts off a little sour, but hey, who doesn't have a bad morning, right? Cinco de Mayo's coming up, and it's about the only "in your face" holiday celebrating the defeat of an established elite, and I'm all against elites this week...watcha:

First thing that ticks me off is that I'm watching the morning news, and some joker politician's aide-spokesman-flunky says the month of April looked better for American Forces in Iraq being that we "only had 100 American casualties" this month. How in the world does any decent human being that walks erect equate "100 casualties" with "only" and "better"? Geeze!...I really wanted to choke this clown, and I wished he was there, sitting in a foxhole with George Bush & Dick Cheney!

Then...news reports on all channels making a big deal about that moron bigot Don Imus being fired for racist comments in calling an all black girl's basketball team "nappy headed ho's" on his morning radio show. About time somebody noticed this racist and cut him short! Why is this still newsworthy? Why was he still on the air anyway? Why is he getting all this publicity that will make him popular with rednecks like it did for Mark Furman? Imus, a poor man's Howard Stern, has always been a racist, mentally imbalanced, homeless looking jerk~off, saying worse things about Latinos for years, and thinking he's funny & witty, when he's not.

He's been getting away with it for so long, he actually thought it was his station in life. He now represents the aging "angry white man of America" generation who are now discovering their numbers diminishing, even playing fields, stronger educated minorities, and well deserved ass whuppings that have been long overdue, and HE feels put out & offended that his simple apology isn't unquestionably acepted?

PUH~LEEZE, Don...take a walk and don't come back, blood! Your time has come and gone...now go out and look for a job!

Then, the reports that Mobile Oil Corporation just posted $6 Billion dollars in profits made me want to puke on some oil company executive's lunch plate and tie! Why are we allowing this to happen? Who EVER said things are better under President Bush & his rich Republicans? Don't know about any of you, but at $3.65 a gallon, and me doing without a lot just to afford gas for work, I'm personally boycotting Mobile Oil and ANYBODY associated with them....at least I'll feel a little better, but only in my mind!

Then, a big televised protest in L.A. and Santa Ana against immigration. I'm sorry, I'm not supportive of any movement of any people (even mine) who leave a corrupt country because they can't live, eat, work, or care for themselves or their families decently in that country, risk their lives to come to My country illegally, make a better life because of MY country's open opportunities, and getting freedom and public benefits from MY country...and then they have the nerve to fly the flag of the country they had to escape from, and complain about my country that they're enjoying?

Sorry, guys, you're on your own in this one. I am tired of being squeezed from both sides, and your flags just blew it for me!

A good part of the news is that I'm not the only one who has noticed that TV's American Idol host Ryan Seacreast has really cleaned up well this season, shaving ,combing his hair, and wearing some really decent suits that make a lot of us take him more seriously as an adult. Now...If we can just get Simon to change his t-shirt into a bigger one that fits, things would be a little better.

Cory Silva, Rocky Padilla, and the INTRUDERS put on a great show to a packed house at the Montebello Inn last Friday. May 12th has the DELFONICS and Hank Castro coming to town. For more info, call the concert hotline at (626) 806-2379.

The Whittier Radisson continues to rock as Down with 3 and Mike Jiminez & the Power Project roll in on Cinco de Mayo weekend. For tickets & info: www.jegrp.com .

Taking a break from the public stage, word on the street has it that the SATISFACION Band has been given the nod for some lucrative private gigs this weekend. To check their future schedule of performances, go to www.satisfactionband.com.

This weekend finds Frankie Firme, Steven Chavez, and Chico Manqueros hitting the highways of Aztlan, heading north to San Jose as they join The KOOL KATZ, SAPO, and MALO for a show celebrating the KOOL KATZ's talented guitarist ART GALVAN's 50th birthday. Other stops include Santa Barbara, Tracy, San Francisco and Oakland, as the guys take on a mission of connecting the musical brethren of Southern and Northern Califas in another LatinoLA sponsored musical odyssey similar to the one that took them throughout the southwest two years ago. A 2 part story describing the trip, the people, the sites, and the music of the Gente Brown de northern Califas is coming, only on Latinola.com .

For more info: stevenchavez68@hotmail.com or TheKoolKatzBand1@aol.com

The Oscar de la Hoya ~ Lee Mayweather fight is also this weekend,and we're hoping the homie from East L.A. knocks the big mouth out, and shuts his bragging face! Lots of suds gonna be flowing during this one, so please be careful, and don't drink & drive! Gracias!

Next week, Frankie Firme joins the heavy hitting L.A. dance band ACE, Sheriff Lee Baca, and a host of other celebrities at the L.A. County Sheriff's Department sponsored 999 FOR KIDS Program's annual gala dinner, awards ceremony, silent auction, and dance, benefiting disadvantaged and physically disabled children that are victims of abuse, neglect, and domestic violence. Friday, May 11th is the date, 6pm is the starting time, and the Pacific Palms Resort at the Industry Hills Convention Center is the place. Come out and enjoy cocktails, fine dining, entertainment,& dancing in an elegant setting, raising funds for a truly noble cause, among truly noble people. For tickets & information, call: Sgt Ruben Gracia (NOT Garcia!) at (626)575-4180, or Sgt Kim McKeller at (909) 620-3280.

There are still copies available of the best selling CD "Frankie Firme presents 16 rare & Golden reassures from the vaults of Rampart Records", a truly fine collection of Eastside Sounds. For info, e-mail: stevenchavez68@hotmail.com .

BARELA has moved their May 11th performance from CAMACHO's in the City of Industry to Billy Mondragon's LA CONGA RESTAURANT in San Pedro. For more info: www.barelaband.com

The best Chicano Music in the World is now being heard at www.eastLArevue.com , home the World Wide Internet Radio Jukebox featuring Frankie Firme, Chico Manqueros, and Crazy Chuy Hernandez.

The word of Aztlan is always found here on LatinoLA.com, where it's always a Brown thing, baby! Reaching more Latinos on the WestCoast & Aztlan than any other web magazine!
We are now being read World wide!

...and to that one person who thought lying about yourself,and bad mouthing others in the L.A. music biz to out-of-state Gente would make YOU look better,and take you to the top quickly without paying your dues and putting in your time...you were sadly mistaken. It's a small world, and we're all in it together! Remember that! Now take a break, homie!

Th newest spot to check out Chicano Music & talent: www.calimusica.com .

Orale...ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances!

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme is the "Al Capone of the microphone, and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul".
website: www.frankiefirme.50megs.com

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