Second Chances

Is it deja vu or hidden memories?

By Edie J. Adler
Published on LatinoLA: May 9, 2007

Second Chances

Do strangers look familiar to you sometimes? Have you ever been to a new place that seems to bring back buried memories? Have you ever had a conversation or experience that feels like a replay?

What you might have experienced some people refer to as deja vu. I call it hints of hidden memories from previous lives.

My father spent most of his adult life studying Kabalah, or Jewish mysticism, so to me reincarnation has always been a very logical part of life.

Reincarnation is nothing new. Millions of people throughout the world believe in reincarnation. Even Jesus alluded to this in one of his answers to his apostle Thomas. When asked about the mysteries of heaven and earth, Jesus replied, "To understand the mystery of God, you will need this, and many more lives."

Although there have been thousands of well documented cases, there is no absolute scientific proof of reincarnation, and none against it.

Remarkably those who seem to remember past lives with ease are children, even in western countries, where kids are seldom exposed to the concept of reincarnation. Dr. Ian Stevenson, Director of Personality Studies at the University of Virginia has devoted over 40 years to the scientific documentation of past life memories in children from all over the world, without the use of hypnosis and has documented over 3,000 cases.

Often, the memories fade as we grow up, but some seemingly irrational phobias or dislike for certain individuals or places, might very well be explained by an unpleasant past life experience.

One of the arguments skeptics use against reincarnation is why do people who claim to remember a past life, always say they were someone famous? Well, this is really not the case. Many researchers have documented thousands of cases of people with past life memories who recall being ordinary people, with ordinary lives. However, mundane past life memories are just not that interesting. On the other hand, remembering being someone of significance will get you everyone's attention, and that's where the misconception comes from.

Some people have an erroneous idea of what reincarnation is. According to Kabalah, reincarnation is simply the order in which the cycle of life really works. It's like going to school. Every life is a lesson...a lesson that you either learn or not.

If you learn it, you go on to the next level. If you don't, you get stuck. You may have started out as a lower form of life thousands of years ago, but if you made it to human form, you remain a human, you don't go back to being a dog or a cat. You continue to be human, experiencing what you need in order for your soul to evolve, until you get it right!

Reincarnation explains why some people seem to have really unfair things happen to them. When bad things happen to good people, it may very well be a lesson needed for something done in a previous life.

I believe in a just, kind, loving God. A God who knows everything that was, that is and that will be. So the question then is, if God knows everything, why would he make someone who will suffer for the rest of eternity for mistakes he made in one single life? That would not be very just, kind or loving, would it? So God gives us all second, and third, and fourth chances! All the chances and lives we need until we get it right!

So the next time a stranger looks familiar, or a new place brings back memories...or you feel like you've had that conversation or experience before...think about it...is it deja vu? Or have you lived before?

About Edie J. Adler:
Edie J. Adler is a free lance writer and regular contributor to LatinoLA. She lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband Neal, their four cats, four dogs, four birds, and Edie's elderly parents.

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