I Was There and Saw MacArthur Park

Punks started the trouble

By Joe Garza
Published on LatinoLA: May 10, 2007

I Was There and Saw MacArthur Park

I was at MacArthur Park and was watching the police and they were just standing in a group talking to each other. They were not bothering anyone.

It seemed like everything was quite until someone from a group of guys threw a glass bottle at the cops. I heard one of the cops say the bottle contained urine.

From where I was standing it sure looked like urine.

The cops yelled at the group of guys and warned them to behave. One of the guys in the group peed in a bottle right in front of me and my wife and grandmother. I saw him throw another bottle at the cops.

This time the bottle hit one of the cops on the back. Three of the guys shot the finger at the cops and taunted them to do something about it. There were people around them and didn't know what was going on and they I guess assumed the cops started the trouble. They joined in the taunting of the cops and all of a sudden someone threw a rock at the cops. Well all hell broke loose and now the cops were reacting back.

I saw the whole thing and the situation started with the group of low life guys that didn't know what they were protesting. One guy was yelling free medical and housing. I can only say that in all fairness, the bad behavior of a few punks caused the trouble. I took video of the start of the whole thing and will turn it over to the cops.

The video will show these punks and because of them, they ruined everything.

What were they protesting? Free medical and housing?????

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