News from the Brown Side of Town 5.11.07

Join Frankie Firme, Sheriff Lee Baca, and other celebrity guests at the Annual L.A. County Sheriff‘«÷s 999 FOR KIDS

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: May 11, 2007

News from the Brown Side of Town 5.11.07

Boo~ya! Cinco de Mayo weekend came and went, Aztlan rocked & rolled, and now we look towards more Chicano action in the Land of 1000 Dances, as summer cruised in a little early. It stays hot in the City of Angels, even after the sun goes down!

As always, the best music heard coast to coast & around the World can be found on www.eastLArevue.com, featuring Frankie Firme, Erik ‘«£Chico‘«ō Manqueros, and the ‘«£Godfather of Tejano Soul‘«ō Crazy Chuy Hernandez. For a second dose, Crazy Chuy & Frankie Firme also do it on www.chicanoexpress.com 24/7, just a slice of heaven in 2007!

A big shout out & thanks to Shin Miyata of JAPAN, Toby Walker of ENGLAND, Brother DREZ of NEW YORK CITY, Annette Alvarez of TEXAS, and Frank & the Mystics of FLORIDA for your fine support in helping us spread the Brown sound de Aztlan all over the World!

The weekend shined as the KOOL KATZ, MIDNITE BREEZE, SUENOS/LUV TAXI, the JAMMIN‘«÷ BAND, & SAPO featuring RICHARD BEAN rocked the hip & cool Santa Clara/Sunnyvale area, with Frankie Firme & Chico Manqueros as co-hosts, celebrating the Kool Katz‘«÷s ART GALVAN‘«÷s 50th birthday, Cinco de Mayo, and the musical connection of Northern & Southern Califas. East L.A.‘«÷s Steven Chavez, Sacramento‘«÷s Chicano Music promoter Henry ‘«£Bumpy‘«ō Gonzalez, & members of TIMBALES LIVE band were spotted on the dance floor getting their boogie on.

And speaking of celebrations, the FLASHBACK‘«÷s drummer, Mr. Eric Cuellar of Santa Barbara, celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary by importing BECKY CORDOVA & THE COMPANY BAND all the way from L.A.‘«÷s San Fernando Valley for some marvelous music which included guest vocalist the ‘«£Soul Man of Santa Barbara‘«ō himself, Mr. PEPE MARQUEZ.

The COMPANY BAND, featuring the ‘«£Diamond of the Valley‘«ō, the dazzling & gorgeous Ms BECKY CORDOVA, will be taking care of the home crowd this Friday & Saturday at Northridge‘«÷s Presidente Restaurant & Cantina, then sliding down to the eastside on Sunday as they perform at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet, beginning at noon. For more info: www.thecomapnyband-tcb.com or (818) 389-9214, or (661)424-9496.

Not to be ignored, OAKLAND rocked as the MYSTIQUE Band gave the people what they wanted to hear in the Bay Area. Puro sunshine & Chicano music by the sea.

Coming back south, the Norwalk Saddleback Inn was shakin‘«÷ as promoter ‘«£Cuzzin‘«÷ Judy‘«ō Bustamante celebrated Cinco de Mayo weekend and her birthday with DJ VINCE, IMPACT, the CORONA GIRLS, and EXPOSURE. The TEMPATIONS are coming to town soon as well. For more info on the Saddleback Inn: (562) 712-7455.

The SATISFACTION band is coming to L.A.‘«÷s San Gabriel Valley on May 25th as they
put on a one night stand at CAMACHO‘«÷s RESTAURANT & CANTINA in the City of Industry. (Rumor has it that they will unveil their new female vocalist who will rock your world!) SATISFACTION is still one of L.A.‘«÷s hottest tickets. For more info: www.satisfactionband.com or www.souvenirent.com. CAMACHO‘«÷s is starting to make itself known as an upcoming spot for Chicano music lovers & dancers. Formerly known as Pepper‘«÷s, it is the respite that the old Puente Hills HOP crowd has been itching for. See you there! Come out & party hardy in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, Frankie Firme‘«÷s hometown & old neighborhood!

A new group with a powerful big band sound is the WISEGUYS, playing all that fine Pachuco Rock, swing, and big band sound. An impressive 18 piece group from East L.A./Montebello, these guys are coming up but quick!. They will be performing at Steven Chavez‘«÷s favorite East L.A./Monterey Park hangout, PAUL‘«÷s KITCHEN this Saturday , May 12th. For more info, e-mail: wiseguysnews@mtbwiseguys.org.

As always, one of L.A.‘«÷s hottest spots to rock is the World famous Whittier Radisson Hotel Lounge & Restaurant. The best names, the best prices, the prettiest ladies, and the best of times! Only $5.oo cover charge, free parking, and the restaurant has extended it‘«÷s hours. For more info: www.jegrp.com.

ACE performs this Friday at the Palms Resort in the Industry Hills Convention Center for the Annual L.A. County Sheriff‘«÷s 999 FOR KIDS. Join Frankie Firme, Sheriff Lee Baca, and other celebrity guests for dinner, dancing, and some fine entertainment raising funds for a worthy cause, with all proceeds benefiting disadvantaged & disabled children of Los Angeles that are victims of abuse, neglect, and domestic violence. Tickets are almost sold out! For more info, call Sgt Ruben Gracia (not Garcia!) at 626-575-4180 or go to www.999FORKIDS.org .

The pride of Orange County, the hard hitting BARELA BAND is coming to the Land of 1000 Dances this Friday, May 11th at Billy Mondragon‘«÷s LA CONGA RESTAURANT & GRILL in San Pedro, Califas, on L.A.‘«÷s golden shores for one night only. For more info: www.barelaband.com.

Word has it that East L.A.‘«÷s SOUND OF MUSIC Record Store on Whittier Blvd and www.CDBABY.com has temporarily sold our of the best selling CD ‘«£FRANKIE FIRME PRESENTS 16 RARE & GOLDEN TREASURES FROM THE VAULTS OF RAMPART RECORDS‘«ō . True‘«™pero, no te precupes, Mi Gente. Steven Chavez has dispatched the East L.A. Revue/LatinoLA road dogs with a new shipment as we speak! In case you get there before the shipment, you can always order your copy directly from ‘«ˇThe Man‘«ō himself, at: stevenchavez68@hotmail.com . THANK YOU ever so much!

2 new hot Websites to get your info, news, and a glance at flicks of the happenings in Chicano Music de Aztlan : www.calimusica.com and www.midnightproductions2.com.
Check them out! Highly recommended by the East L.A. Revue/LatinoLA road dogs!

As always, the word of Aztlan is heard here, on LatinoLA.com . Check out our calendar page, and add your event, as we reach more Latinos on the West Coast than anybody in Azltan. Remember, if it ain‘«÷t here‘«™.it probably ain‘«÷t happening!

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances!

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme
‘«£The Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul‘«ō

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