Beaten By Silence

My personal expressions

By Linda Granillo
Published on LatinoLA: May 17, 2007

Beaten By Silence

Sometimes I need to express myself without publicly expressing myself. It gets all bottled up inside, and writing helps me let it out. Sure, some of what I say is angry...actually, alot of what I say it angry. But thats me. I can express myself that way. I'm not going to start a fight with anyone or snap at someone else because I'm upset. I'm going to sit down and write about it.

After years of writing, I decided to compile the best of it in a book: BEATEN BY SILENCE. It's my first book and available now at www.LindasPoetry.com.

I never thought of becoming an author. My work was my own. But where will that work be when I'm gone? Gone, too. So screw it all and let everyone else read my intense work.

It's been a good month since I self-published my book. Alot of hard work, but satisfying work. Hopefully my book will inspire and intrigue many others. You can read samples of it on my site.


About Linda Granillo:
My name is Linda Granillo and I'm 25. I never thought of publishing my book since it was so personal. But, after talking with my Fiance, he encouraged me to compile my work. Now, I'm glad I did.

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