The Bigger Vision

Wake up to the reality

By LPoeta
Published on LatinoLA: May 25, 2007

The Bigger Vision

They say that is in my nature to act a certain way,
And speak in a certain dialect.

But do those things truly define,
Who I truly am.

I am composition of what once was,
And what will forever be.

Although society wants certain aspect of my beliefs,
To become obsolete.

I personally want to thank the internet, TV, and magazines,
For providing a egocentric mentality.

I want to thank Capitalism,
For providing a lack of a true sense of self.

I want to thank the Education system
For distorting the image of my culture.

Y que chingen a sus madre,
Los mamones that dare to label me as a minority.

How can I be less than anybody,rnIn this "Land of Equality"?

Sorry but I am not a slave,
So I am not three-fifths a man.

But then again,
Who is truly complete?
When there is always a want,
A necessity
A societal hierarchy that dares to hypocritical place,
Certain peoples in a lower caste.

How can these people begin to elevate themselves,
If all the images thay see of their culture are so negative.
A negative connotation,
Upon what you have been labeled.


It is up to the individual to begin to define,
Their status upon societal hierarchy.
It is up to him or her to set everything,
That dares to be misconceived straight.

Cause when we dare to be complacent,
There is no need for questions.

And once something is accepted,
There will forever be a disruption on the reality.

The war inside which will never allow for peace.......

So when you look in the mirror,
Do you see a reflection?rnAre you reflecting upon,
The possibilities that are apparent?
The signs are evident,
Behind that reflective glass you look upon.
Get out of yourself,rnAnd recognize that there is mas....

A bigger vision that encompasses all of us

About LPoeta:
From South Central Los Angeles,
Currently attending UC RiversidernContact @ blokosun@aol.com

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