Rocky Delgadillo Takes a Public TKO

By The Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla
Published on LatinoLA: June 24, 2007


I don't know whether to laugh, or just see what happens next in the City of Angels.

I feel I have a civic duty & moral responsibility to stand up and speak up for some who can't, to expose & describe events that would have hitherto been ignored, misstated, manipulated, or minimized by a previously exclusive media for the benefit of a few, or to express umbrage taken when an unfair act has been committed that I will reluctantly have to help pay for against my will, while dealing with the rising costs of living in L.A.

I'm not a gadfly, but I can't stop laughing at the folly of political life in Los Angeles, and I really do appreciate the U.S. Constitutional rights of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, video & phone cameras, and the development of the Internet, because we can all share in the laughter...while we discover how we're being squeezed and why the "high & mighty" ain't sweatin' it...otherwise I'd be raided by the FBI and labled as a subversive after this quick story.

After the debacle of Paris Hilton avoiding jail after 3 busts, getting special treatment, getting a lenient sentence, then getting out of jail early to party for a minute in her mansion, the community outrage led by the self righteous chest pounding of City Atttorney Rocky Padilla gets home~girl put back in the County pinta, where she rightfully belongs at the moment, with no extra bennies.

As City Attorney, he knows the law. Her excuse that she "didn't know her license was suspended" didn't work for Rightous Rocky, chale! You go, dude! Right on, Rock!

Ignorance is NO excuse for the law, every law student is taught in first year Law School. Mr. Delgadillo claims to have attended Harvard Law School, the most prestigious U.S. spawning ground of professional litigants...so he should be one of the best!

You da man, Rock! An outright legal eagle, that's you, ese! Hoo~yah!

Nosiree Bob, son of a butterscotch torta, Paris needed to go back to the slammer and do her tiempo just any other law breaker, City Attorney Delgadillo preached. Nobody's above the law in HIS city, by golly, as even Sheriff Lee Baca was dragged onto the hot seat to get his booty scorched al carbon...Rocky was doing his J-O-B, you betcha by golly wow!....

...but then, homeboy & his hyna publicly get caught with their hand in the gayeta frasco...and now, it's a different story.

Rocky's old lady Michelle has a warrant for her arrest for driving with a suspended license, and NOT showing up in court a couple of years ago. (How come she never got picked up in any raid?) Rocky's old lady is not a City employee, still has a suspended license, yet was driving a luxury model City vehicle (which comes with free gas ,car washes, and maintenance, all paid for by tax payers) for personal business , uninsured, and only authorized to her City Attorney husband, when she wrecked it . Then, he takes it to get $1222.00 in repairs at taxpayer expense, and lets her drive it again once repairs were done! I would have had little problem with this if she was paying for it all while getting away with not answering to the laws of the land...but homeboy had us taxpayers cover her, and never even aid "thanks".

When caught, Brother Rocky says he was out of town when she hit the calles and wrecked his City ride. (Isn't that called Grand Theft Auto~Joyriding in the 'hood?) Now he says he "was unaware" home~girl didn't have a license or insurance. (Don't they talk?) He says "Unbeknownst to him," he didn't think he had to reimburse the City for the repairs of damage his wife caused during her unauthorized cruise in a tax payer vehicle. He thought it "ambiguous" that City policies & rules he oversees & enforces do not clearly state that a non-City employee can be loaned a City owned vehicle for personal use, free unlimited gas and all, so he handed over the keys to his hyna without question, to go cruising at our expense, whle he stepped out somewhere else...and a luxury model 2007 GMC Yukon at that!

Who approved THAT purchase? ...with the City claiming "broke" as an excuse to raise taxes, couldn't a couple of Saturns been purchased for the same price of the Yukon?

Yo, Rocky, I'm kinda short, homie, can I borrow your ride to get around this week? Price of gas is starving me too, man! I mean, I'm unemployed like your wife, and I voted for you, too!

During a press conference, Rocky says he is "Sorry." He appears so sincere on television, too...does that mean his old lady won't get busted, booked, and sentenced como Paris, just because he says "sorry"? (didn't work for Paris or the thousands he's put away in jails & prisons)...and I remember Paris saying she was sorry, too!

I try to avoid political issues, and taking a political stance, because I'm just not as versed with laws, policies, and concerns for the public trust & welfare as an elected official, like a City Attorney for example, should be, know what I mean?

So I won't. I'll watch the news, and see what public opinion concludes. Hmmm...how do you explain a straight out bust and obvious double standard that exposes the corruptness and luxury City Hall affords itself... and stay in business? If Michelle Delgadillo doesn't have a ham sandwhich at L.A. County Sheriff's expense, Paris Hlton should walk by this weekend, a la brava!

But I do acknowledge comments from the many readers I met on the bus that feel that a "Michelle in the pinta con Paris" campaign is an entertaining idea and should be looked into. Let's see how Rightous Rocky handles this.

I would LOVE to see him in the visitor's waiting line at Twin Towers!! Maybe we can share a smoke when I go visit my girlfriend. (traffic warrants, you know?)

On the flip side, I witnessed a couple of young homies get hassled, cuffed, and arrested for simply having a beer at Olvera Street during a car show this weekend. If they had said "sorry"...would they have been allowed to go home like Michelle Delgadillo did?

As City Attorney, what has Rocky been doing to answer to the shooting deaths of 13 year old Devin Brown , and 19 month old Susie Pena ,and the public beatings of peaceful protestors by the L.A.P.D. at MacArthur Park on May 1st ?

...oh yeah...I forgot......I forgot they said they were sorry.

I'm laughing too hard to concentrate on how much this is going to cost us in legal/court/insurance fees in the end...will Allstate give him him & her good driver discount rates? I mean, he is L.A. City Attorney and all...

...play some music and share love & laughs...it gets better...film at 11.

About The Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla:
The Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla is an occassional contributor to LatinoLA...especially when he's broke and mad!

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