La Reyna Y La Rana

He was the best pet I ever had

By DeAna Vitela
Published on LatinoLA: August 15, 2002

La Reyna Y La Rana

?Reyna, the frog is dead, throw it away!? Abuela said.

?He?s sleeping,? I said as I kissed him goodnight.

?Dejala, mam?!?

My mother said, ?You know, she doesn?t understand us. She?ll figure it out eventually?.

And figure it out I did, four days later.

As a child, I was very stubborn. I couldn?t hear very well nor did I care to communicate with humans, since they didn?t seem to understand. I was lost in my world of bugs and animals.

Day One...I knew Rana wasn?t dead, his eyes were open. He was the best pet I ever had. I kissed him, and hugged him, and he never protested like the lizards, cat, or dog. He even let me give him a bath, he was so good. He let me dress him up and I kept him a box.

Day Two... ?What?s that smell?? someone asked. ?It's DeAna?s dead frog.? Then someone threw him in the trash. I found him, and carefully washed him off.

Yes, he smelled, but that was because he was in the trash. So I put perfume on him.

Day Three..."Oh no, ants in the box! Those evil creatures!" I thought, as I once again
washed, dried and perfumed my frog. I put on his doll clothes but I couldn?t button them up. He was fatter and a little stiff. I had guessed that he had eaten too many ants.

Day Four...Those evil creatures! Several super highways were coming and going
from his box. I opened the lid to find Rana had eaten so many ants, that he exploded! His stomach was coming out of his mouth! I announced to everyone
that my frog had died from eating too many ants.

?Good, throw him away!? someone said.

"Asquerozo! Gross!" another commented.

I marched off indignant to bury my Rana.

About DeAna Vitela:
DeAna Vitela: "I have been writing since I could put two words together. I am currently writing my second book. This is an excerpt from my latest book of short stories. I grew up somewhat Deaf, Latina, Americana, and Jewish. My stories reflect my past.

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