I need to let go...set him free as he came one day to me

By M. Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: July 5, 2007


No puedo tener al unico hombre de quein yo me he enamorado...
Why can't I have and be with the only man whom I have ever loved..Porque
I feel like a wilting, sad ..lifeless flower, drained of its life and energy
I feel like a part of me is dying and I will never be the same
I feel like sitting in my room and crying till I can't cry anymore
I wish someone would just hold me and dry all my tears of sadness...
All these salty tears running down my face
Today my man broke my heart
I'm going to miss him
I got used to him
As long as he kept coming over...There was a spark of hope
Just to be with him was enough to fill that hollow void
And I looked so forward to the next time
Our time..together..I always looked forward to that moment that I would open my front door and greet him
But no more...It's over between us ..what we had is done and over with and never more....
I will never forget the time spent with this man...that crazy love..
our moments of passion...The intense moments of sheer ecstasy
My Rudy
My Man
I say farewell-Goodbye
I knew it would come to this someday
I knew yet deep down inside I wished and I hoped to have my man by my side..in my life till my dying days...Deep down I wanted him for myself to have..to hold..and to cherish
To love...and to please-like a woman in love does her man
I gave to this man all that I could..All of me ..all of my love..but it was not enoug
The love was not reciprocated..not appreciated...the way I deserved to be Loved
I took what I could and savored every moment...every inch...every last drop and now I must let go or I will die of sorrow and pain
I need to let go...set him free as he came one day to me...He must now go freely and depart away from me.

Image: Detail from "Inside Out" by M. Reyna

About M. Reyna:
M. Reyna-Varied Aritst...Painter, Poet, Storyteller

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