300 Pink Crosses

Assistance for a project bringing attention to violence against Las Mujeres de Juarez

By M. Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: July 26, 2007

300 Pink Crosses

I spent all morning researching and investigating the murders of the many woman that have been and are still being murdered at the Mexico/U.S. Border of Juarez- El Paso Texas

I'm working on an art installation of three hundred crosses to bring awareness and focus on the violence against women. I wanted to put names to the crosses and learn as much as possible about the subject as I could and what could I do.

I read case by case: The youngest is a ten year old girl, the oldest is fifty six, the average age of the women is thirteen to eighteen.

Since that morning spent on the Internet reading the statistics and details I have not been able to get them out of my head.

And I can't go on with my life and not try and do something about this...A ten year old child was sodomized, raped, beaten and her eyes were ripped out of her head then beaten to death ....A fourteen year old girl was working at a maquiladora to save money for her Quincea??era was beaten, raped, her left nipple was bitten off her right breast cut off then murdered and left for trash.

The list goes on and on the details get worst... the assailants vary from the top to the scummiest of the bottom from officials, gang members, narcotrafficos, bus drivers, coyotes, to ex-convicted child molesters.

There are witnesses, people that know something or seen something that are to scared to talk to come forward in fear of their lives.

Anyone who writes or gets involved is targeted, threatened or murdered.

I was so sickened to my stomach after reading and doing this research.

I think most people would rather not know or act like it has nothing to do with them.

I'm just not one of those people -I know it's disturbing and unsettling but it's the truth and happening to our people at the hands of our own people.

I want to join Amnesty International and other Human Rights Organizations to bring more awareness and a Stop to this violence against women.

And I want to ask every one at LatinoLA as well as readers of LatinoLA to join me in this effort.

If anyone can donate material for the crosses or volunteers please contact me at
To learn more of The Women of Juarez:
Amnesty International

About M. Reyna:
M. Reyna-varied Artist, Painter, Poet, Storyteller, Activist.

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