Can We Awaken for the Elections?

At least in Odessa, TX we will see change

By Robert Anaya Ramirez
Published on LatinoLA: July 27, 2007

Can We Awaken for the Elections?

Every time elections roll around I wonder what the turnout of Latinos will be. Of course I'm concerned with national numbers, because as a whole that is where we will be judged in the Political Arena. But the local races have me excited here in Odessa, TX., where Latinos are 65% to 70% of the population.

Granted, in the past they have not voted here. They have allowed a small block of voters to decide crucial issues in the community. They hold no local offices, such as Mayor or Chief of Police, or City Council members. But the difference this time is that the lie, the great lie that has been perpetuated for generations among Latinos, has been exposed.

"My vote don't matter!" is a lie that died this year, 2007. Here locally there will be change. They are tired of the Apartheid-like conditions in this city. People are registering to vote, which means there will be whole new blocs of jury pools, and grand jurists, which inevitably results in justice meted out to All people.

So yes, I'm optimistic about change these Elections. I was granted my right to vote again, and I exercise that right every chance I get. That, too, is what makes me an American. Please vote, and ecourage everyone you meet to vote. The 18-28 year-olds are about to break like never seen before. Believe that.

About Robert Anaya Ramirez:
My name is Robert Anaya Ramirez. My first novel "Lenny" is available online. "The Nation of Aztlan" will be released in 2008.

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