Can't Get Enough When You Strut Your Stuff

San Jose's the KOOL KATZ make an impression in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: July 27, 2007

Can't Get Enough When You Strut Your Stuff

"When you're hot, you're hot", it's been said about people and situations that are eye opening. L.A.'s Chicano Music scene is no exception, especially on a recent weekend, and a little extra when special guest talent rolls into the City of Angels.

With summer temperatures hovering around the 3 digit mark, THE KOOL KATZ rolled into the Land of 1000 Dances to make their L.A. debut, and turned up the heat with their saucy brand of Rock, Chili, and Roll for the Gente Brown, with extra portions of smooth personality and class that got a lot of attention, from a lot of people.

Starting off at a reception & dinner hosted by Mr. Steven Chavez of RAMPART RECORDS/EAST L.A. REVUE RADIO at PAUL's KITCHEN in Monterey Park, the KOOL KATZ cruised in and broke bread with the likes of Steven & Janie Chavez, Chico & Terri Manqueros, and me, Frankie Firme of East L.A. Revue Radio, Peter Jaramillo of Jaramillo Entertainment Group, Mike Rincon (Blendells, Blues Straight Up Band), Benny Lopez ( Thee Midniters, Midnite's Moon), cable TV's "East L.A. Rey" Garza, and many others for a meet & greet occasion and some great food.

Saturday night, Peter Jaramillo hosted the KOOL KATZ at his famed Whitier Radisson Hotel & Lounge, as they performed to a good-sized crowd and kept the dance floor full till closing, making their L.A. debut.

This was not a easy feat by any means, especially a new, virtually unknown band coming into L.A. for their debut, considering the likes of MALO, SOTO, SATISFACTION, THE COMPANY BAND, SANGRIA, THE WISEGUYS, ACE, and TRAFFIC JAM were all playing in and around the 'hood on this night...but word was out on the street that some "new guys" were on the block (thanks to LatinoLA.com, East L.A. Revue Radio & Chicano Express Radio), so the good looking and the curious came out to see who the new guys were.

THE KOOL KATZ were up to the task, despite legendary MALO in the very next ballroom at the Radisson Hotel. Undaunted, they came in 12 strong, complete with a 5 piece horn section and a hot, sensual sound that had all the guests, including Tony Barela of the BARELA BAND saying "Wow! These guys are good!". I was honored to share the stage with Chico Manqueros as we co-emcee'd the event, and Chico was even invited to come up on stage and join them on congas for a number.

Everybody in the house was more than pleasantly suprised when the guys from MALO came over after their gig to check out the KOOL KATZ, and were inspired to join them on stage for a number. "Wow" was the word for the night, which was memorable indeed.

Throughout the night, Kelly "The Kat" Galvan was simply sparkling at lead vocals, giving it her all for the L.A. crowd, dancing and singing her heart out on stage like she owned the place...and she did on this night! She gave up an L.A. style Oldies medley that just melted hearts. YOU GO, GIRL!

For most new bands coming into the big city of lights, entertainment, and beautiful people that is Los Angeles, California, this would have been a great debut, accomplishment, memory, and story to take back home...

...but CORY SILVA and the staff of MIDNIGHT PRODUCTIONS had other plans for the KOOL KATZ before we let them go back home to cooler temperatures...

In probably one of the most historic & legendary tribute line ups of assembled music talent on one stage east of the L.A. River in over 30 years, Cory put on a blockbuster tribute show at the A MI HACIENDA Restaurant Ballroom in Pico Rivera that featured the live sounds of: THE TEMPTATIONS, THE TEMPREES, THE MARVELETTES, THE DELFONICS, THE STYLISTICS, THE SHIRELLES, THE CHI-LITES, BILLY CORMIER & THE IMPOSTERS Band, RUDY SALAS (of TIERRA), TEX NAKAMURA (of WAR), ROCKY PADILLA, CORY,KEITH, & SARINA SILVA, and the AFTER DARK Band.

A most impressive show co-hosted by Frankie Firme & Chico Manqueros of East L.A. Revue Radio, this show was "the one"...

...and opening up the show : THE KOOL KATZ of San Jose, California!

Despite the long drive and the Friday & Saturday night appearances, THE KOOL KATZ were first up on stage, and busted out with their impressive energy and stage presence that has made them a virtual household word in Northern California, and now here they were, giving some of their best to the south...and we couldn't get enough!

Backstage, the legends of the lineup kept opening the side stage door to peek out at the KOOL KATZ during their performance, even breaking out in dance. I saw members of the DELONICS and SHIRELLES getting a little boogie on backstage when the KATZ opened up with their killer smash original "Your love moves me".

Not enough good stuff can be said about the KOOL KATZ, with their hot percussion, sizzling brass, killer guitar solos, tight stage performance, group harmony, original music, and of course, the stand out presence of lead vocalist Kelly Galvan.

The KOOL KATZ are truly cool, and are most welcomed back to the City of Angels, in the Land of 1000 Dances, where they made many friends and fans...with yours truly being at the top of the list!

Note: for more info on the Kool Katz: www.thekoolkatzband.com ~ and tell 'em you heard
it from Frankie Firme & LatinoLA.com ~ the word of Aztlan!

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone, and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul.

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