i like you a lot of bitzzzzz

full circle......

By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: July 27, 2007

i like you a lot of  bitzzzzz

To say the "L" word to you is not in your vocabulary
I see you and I bite my tongue
I see you and I get butterfly's in my stomach
I stop and pause and the words that come out of my mouth
are "I like you a lot of bitzzzz"
rather than the "L" word
so many year's gone by
wondering and always thinking
what ever happened?
only to find each other almost 20 years later. Wow!
all i hear is, "it's meant to be,it's destiny"
but i just keep my mouth shut and smile
is it destiny?
how could it not be?
to come back full circle after so much time
the agony of the last conversation we had
and always in the back of mind wondering: what if?
if someone would have told me that we'd be here today
for what i call destiny
than i would have done the same thing again.
everyone deserves a second chance and this is ours!
for you are the love that i let go
yet here we are back in each other's life....
full circle.. see ya next life time, i don't think so
it's about the now!
i told you through thick and thin
i will stand by you and keep you safe.
with no worry's.....just know that you are..my air, my blue sky, the sun shinning,
and the wind that i feel when i know that you and i should be together....with all my heart & soul......I like you a lot of bitzzzzzz......

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