Using Racism to Further Big Business

A view about Home Depot in Sunland/Tujunga

By MaryLouise Eckman
Published on LatinoLA: July 23, 2007

Using Racism to Further Big Business

I'm stunned.

I started researching Dianna Perez so that I could respond to the inflammatory speech that she gave at the Sunland/Tujunga meeting on July 19th. She represented herself to have an opinion column for your website and now it appears that she misrepresented herself in order to misuse and misinform your readers. I can find no other article by this woman other than the one she wrote on 6/7. Yet for someone who has no personal interest in our community other than 'driving thru on her way to see her parents in Moorpark' she made it a point to attend our meeting TWO MONTHS LATER to try to inflame a riot.

I'm looking at the professional HOME DEPOT logo by her name and now SERIOUSLY feel that she must be working for HOME DEPOT or was hired by HOME DEPOT to fan the flames of racism so that while our small community wasted time trying to defend ourselves of these false allegations, they could keep everyones eyes off the real point. That they are trying to get in under the radar and NOT have to comply with rules which could keep them from putting YET ANOTHER Home Depot on a small street that can not possibly support the type traffic it will bring.

Has anyone heard the story of the boy who cried 'wolf'? He called 'wolf' so many times just to see everyone run and try to save him that when the wolf was REALLY there, no one came and the boy was eaten! Shouldn't the race card be saved for when racism is actually occurring and not by lawyers for big businesses trying to use a particular group simply to advance their own agenda? BIG PROFITS!

Home Depot could give a rat's behind if Latinos have jobs or not. They don't care who they hire as long as they make money. I would personally find it insulting to be used in this way. Where are the blacks on their site? Or the Asians? Or Whites? Why is it that they are ONLY addressing Latinos? Is it that HOME DEPOT has put ALL Latinos in the 'box' of 'day laborors'? Can't ANY race get a job at HOME DEPOT? Who is really the racist here?

As the Granddaughter of Rafael Burgos, from Santiago, Chile, I find HD insulting and degrading.

I'm doing my shopping at Lowe's and will by boycotting HOME DEPOT until they decide to join us on a fair playing field instead of the conniving mire of mud they decided to wallow in.

About MaryLouise Eckman:
MaryLouise is a resident of Lake View Terrace-Sunland since 1991.

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