Over the Hill But Not Out of the Loop

I'd like to see more of Salma Hayek, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Penelope Cruz: passionate, talented women of substance

By Lisa Zion
Published on LatinoLA: August 19, 2007

Over the Hill But Not Out of the Loop

I don't know what's happening with these young starlets. They seem to be self-destructing right before our very eyes. And I don't get it. They're young, white and seem to have everything - youth, beauty and questionable talent.

They are media darlings and yet act like pampered cheerleaders who are constantly striving for even more attention. They're like the little yippy dogs they dress up and plop in their designer bags.

It seems to me that the golden era of Hollywood had real women of substance. Women who worked hard to get what they wanted by sheer talent and hard work. These were women like Barbara Stanwyck, Bettie Davis, Rosalind Russell and of course, Joan Crawford.

I miss those films where the women overcame obstacles and became the strong heroines. Nowadays, Hollywood caters to young men, by dangling these young starlets in skimpy outfits. They are a feast for the eyes, but have no fire within!

Watch the old films of an era gone by and you'll see real fire - their eyes blaze, their voices raised in fury. You just know someone will be slapped or their eyes scratched out at any moment. And no, I'm not talking about that anchor woman from Telemundo.

Where are these moments in Hollywood today? We get a feast for the eyes but no feast for the soul. And it all begins with a great Hollywood script. Women over 40 may be considered "over the hill" but they are certainly not "out of the loop". Women age like fine wine - we can be mellow and we can still pack a punch.

I'm tired of the poor girl meets rich, handsome guy and they hook up happily ever after (Pretty Woman). The sappy, lonely bookstore owner meets wealthy bookstore millionaire (You've Got Mail). And the lonely, single woman who just wants to find a man or she'll be lost forever (Must Love Dogs) and (No Reservations).

I get the feeling that if they don't find that special man - they're going to give in to cellulite and overindulge in Diet Coke and Oreos. Then everyone knows the next step is giving up shaving our legs (why bother) and watching reruns of "Laverne & Shirley". (yeah, they were just friends).

I'd like to see more of Salma Hayek (pictured), Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Penelope Cruz. These are passionate, talented women of substance. I hope that the writers will start writing scripts worthy of these women. And bring back the glory that Hollywood once was.

I'm going to make myself a martini and put on anything by KD Lang. All is well when she is crooning in my ear.

About Lisa Zion:
Lisa Zion is an aspiring actress - writer - and loves wine, not whine.

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