A Parent's Love

They will forever have prayers, abrazos, besos, and comidas at their parent's home

By Enrique Urbano
Published on LatinoLA: August 21, 2002

A Parent's Love

I am respectfully attaching una poema that I wrote for my Kids.They are all fully grown and on their own but as a parent they will be my kids para siempre.

My eldest (Leticia) who is living in Ennis, Texas (located just south of Dallas), and is about to have her third child, is truly a special one that works full time as a teachers aide, has her kids part-time and is such a hard working parent that I am just amazed at how she handles her life, always showing her family un amor tremendo.

My second born (Laura) lives in Brownsville, Texas and is also a blessing because she has also brought three beautiful grandchildren into this world and works hard at making sure there needs are always met. She is a single parent and struggles like any single parent, but like my Letty, Laura is also the epitome of a true Hispanic Latina mother that takes the extra steps needed to ensure the children are felices.

My thirds born is my son (Henry Jr.) and also lives in Brownsville, Texas. He works full time with kids and is always there to assist wherever the need is. I am proud he has not taken the plunge into marriage yet so that shows that he is pensandola muy bien before make the big commitment.

This now leads my to my fourth child (Erica) who lives in Baytown, Texas and has been (to me and her mom) a superstar during her school years in Baytown, Texas as she proceeded to graduate Magna Cum Ladde out of high school. She continued this pace through her years at the University of Houston, where she finished her studies (last May) majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration while holding down a full time job and in the process again graduating with Magna Cum Ladda honors. Truly a hard working daughter with the gift of just being the best that she can be and working very hard to accomplish her goals.

With kids like this how can I not write the poem that was written for them approximately seven years ago? The poem is inspired by these kids and truly made possible by the power of faith in God and how he continues to look over them through the difficult times and the good times. I have truly been blessed by the Good Lord with my kids and may nuestro Diosito always keep them safe, happy, and healthy.

I do not know if you will publish this special poem that truly personifies my love for my kids but I do know that whether you do or do not, they will forever have prayers, abrazos, besos, and comidas at their parents home. I also know that I am not the only parent who has felt what the poem states simply because of the successes that are becoming very evident and keep coming to Hispanics/Latinos throughout this great county of ours. Successes borne from many "A Parent's Love".


Enrique Urbano

A Parent's Love

It is not whether it is a son or a daughter,
a parent always hopes to hear their laughter.

The love is always in the parents heart,
whether we are near or far apart.

Many are the days we wish to embrace you,
admiring the beauty and strength of a child that grew.

Tears come to parents whose child may be in pain,
a silence as we pray for them come sunshine or rain.

It is our children that forever we will adore,
our home will always have for them an open door.

So beloved children always do remember this,
parents always will be there with love, a hug, a kiss.

These words arrived simply from the power of the Lord above
are words for my children and come from a parent's love.

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