Now Starring as Cesar Chavez

Actor and singer Danny Bolero playing to standing room only houses at the NOHO Arts Center through November 4

By Albert Araiza
Published on LatinoLA: September 9, 2007

Now Starring as Cesar Chavez

Actor and singer Danny Bolero, a native East-Angeleno is currently performing to rave reviews and public acclaim as civil rights icon, Cesar Chavez, in this new production, written, directed and produced by Mr. Ed Begley, Jr. now playing to standing room only houses at the NOHO Arts Center.

In 2006, Danny was the recipient of the IDEN B. PAYNE award for Best Actor in a Musical by the Austin Circle of Theater Critics, for his portrayal of Cesar Chavez in the St. Edward's University production in Austin, TX.

Early this year, Danny co-starred in the film, "THE HITCHER", a remake of the classic starring Sean Bean and Sofia Bush. Danny is currently starring in "GRAVEYARD SHIFT" and Independent film due out later this year written and directed by Nicholas Smith. Mr. Bolero's extensive theater background includes performing in the Broadway revival of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's "JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT", and co-starred with Robert Goulet in the Southern California Tour of "MAN OF LA MANCHA". Mr. Bolero is also the recipient of the LA Dramalouge Award for his critically acclaimed performance as Che' Guevara in La Mirada's Light Opera's production of "EVITA."

This is what the Southern California critics are saying about Danny Bolero's performance in Ed Begley Jr's production of "CESAR AND RUBEN."

LA WEEKLY - Bolero is rock solid, and the life of his character unfolds with compelling interest.

REVIEWPLAYS.COM - Bolero brings great suffering and longing to the role of Chavez. Mixing insecurities and doubts equally with strengths, he plays him rightfully as a man, not a saint.

LASTAGESCENE.COM - Danny Bolero "IS" Chavez, in a performance rich in feeling and sprinkled with humor. Mr. Bolero possesses a gorgeous voice, and the love duet "Nunca Te Olvidar?®" (I'll Never Forget You) is a tearjerker extraordinaire, not once but twice.

TOLUCAN TIMES - Danny Bolero was endlessly captivating as Cesar! With a chilling singing voice and the acting ability to deeply convey the man's beliefs and struggles, this is a remarkable portrayal.

BACKSTAGE WEST * CRITICS PICK - This is a great showcase for Bolero, who has a tremendous, evocative voice and depicts the joy and tragedy of Ch?ívez effortlessly.

THEATERTIMES.ORG - Bolero's detailed portrayal moves smoothly between the stoicism of a no-nonsense crusader and the warmth and humor of a prolific family man. With the help of Bolero's textured performance, Begley lifts his friend up one more time, to look back and move him on.

LA CITY BEAT - Danny Bolero is successful at evoking Cesar Chavez in Begley's Cesar & Ruben.

REALTALK LA.COM - According to Begley, Cesar [played charismatically by the well-cast Danny Bolero] did not go straight to heaven. Chavez was a brilliant, humble man, an insatiable reader; an inspired organizer, and much more. Begley has found a nice balance of his Cesar in Danny Bolero. Danny Bolero's fine characterization does justice to the humility and warmth of Chavez.

REVIEWPLAYS.COM (A DEFINITE GO SEE) August 16h, 2007 - Danny Bolero is fabulous as Cesar Chavez. With his first number "Nunca Te Olvidare", a touching duet with his wife Helen, tears came to my eyes. The couple just struck a nerve in me right off the bat.

STUDIO CITY SUN - Danny Bolero is powerful in the role of Chavez. Bolero arms Chavez with the courage necessary for his life-long fight against unjust labor laws, but he does not forget that Chavez must have suffered deep bouts of fear.


FOR TICKET INFORMATION: http://cesarandruben.net/index.html


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