The Amusement Park

Angelo's birthday

By M. Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: September 11, 2007

The Amusement Park

How does one overcome something that has been affecting them for a long time?

It was Angelo's 12th Birthday and he really wanted to go to an amusement park, just one problem though. His mother does not like going to amusement parks. Says they are tourist traps, a waste of money, hates the long lines, walking around in circles, the food, the crowds, really everything about amusement parks turns her off.

Disneyland, Knotts, all of them. She has been to all of them once! She says that "once is more than enough."

And the only reason she went was to see what it was all about and to take her children to these theme and amusement parks.

What she does like is a good old fashion country fair, the circus and small carnivals. She loves those and parades where she knows people.

Angelo has been asking her to take him to Magic Mountain for weeks now. His mother has not said no but has not said yes either.

The day is here.

He is excited.

It's His Birthday!

First thing in the morning, she hugs and kisses her darling boy, wishing him a Happy Birthday for that day was one of the happiest days in his Mother's life! When she looks at her son she sees herself in him as a child: imaginative, full of wonder in his eyes, easily distracted, His Mother absolutely adores this child and would move mountains and part seas if she could. But on this day all she has to do is take him to an Amusement Park.

Angelo is wondering if they are going to Magic Mountain. He asks, "Are you taking me to Magic Mountain?" She looks at him and says "No, but your sister is going to take you."

That is good enough for Angelo. He gets up, brushes his teeth, washes his face, combs his thick dark hair to the side and puts on his favorite "Here comes trouble" T-shirt.
His Mom goes to the kitchen and makes him some breakfast while his older sister drives from San Pedro to San Clemente to pick up her brother and take him to Magic Mountain.
His mother and little brother waved as Angelo and his sister head out. She is left pensive. Perhaps we all should have gone and be together with Angelo on his birthday?

As a child she wanted to go to Disneyland but nobody took her, years came and years went and she never went. At the age of twenty seven she took her daughter Marisela to Disneyland.


It was not the same as an adult. It was over-rated, over priced, long lines, crowded, Where was the Magic?

Her daughter loved it..as a six year old child all the Magic was there. Snow White, Minnie and Mickey Mouse greeted her with open arms, there were rides to ride, scenes to see, characters to hug, candy to enjoy, so much to do for a child.

The electric Parade was spectacular. All her Childhood friends were there, all the Princesses were on the floats smiling and waving as they went by.

It was like a Dream come true to a child of six. But not to her Mother it just was not the same.

Angelo's Mom decided to go and meet them at the Amusement Park for the Family to be together.

She got herself and the little one ready, packed a lunch, gassed up the car and headed to Magic Mountain. She was going to surprise Angelo and Marisela. They arrived two hours after the kids had gotten there. Her cell phone rang. It was Marisela. She said, "Mom, Angelo got lost and I'm looking for him."

She said, "Where are you? I can meet you in a few minutes. We're here at Magic Mountain. We decided to come after all." Marisela was surprised and relieved. "What, you're here!"

Mom:"Yes were going to find him, he's wearing his favorite shirt and jeans right"

Angelo's Mother knows him better than anyone, because he is like her in so many ways.

"Where did you last see him?" she asked. "I was buying something to drink and he wandered off."

Mom: "Ok, what would interest Angelo to wander off?"

He must have wandered off to see the animals, thought his mom. Sure enough, that is were he was!

The Family found Angelo, spent the day together and got home safe and in time to Sing Happy Birthday, eat cake and ice cream!

Next year Julian, the little one wants to go to Disneyland.

We get over life's disappointments, through self-love and love for our children....

About M. Reyna:
M. Reyna- Varied Artist: Painter,Poet, Storyteller

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