The Other Conquest

This critically acclaimed, inspiring true story, coming to DVD Oct. 16th

By Brenda Salas
Published on LatinoLA: October 8, 2007

The Other Conquest

In the wake of the downfall of the Aztec culture, two vastly different worlds violently collide in the critically acclaimed feature film and inspiring true story, The Other Conquest, coming to DVD Oct. 16th from Union Station Media (distributed by Starz Home Entertainment).

The Other Conquest is the action-packed and epic tale of an Aztec survivor, Topiltzin (Dami?ín Delgado), whose Mexican people and culture have been ruthlessly destroyed at the hands of Spanish Conqueror Hernando Cort?®s (I??aki Aierra) - all in the name of Christianity.

Refusing to surrender, Topiltzin, Moctezuma's illegitimate son, struggles to preserve the cult of Tonantzin and to adapt to a hostile new order. Surrounded by raging battles and shackled by ruthless suppression, Topiltzin embarks on a harrowing journey, stubbornly refusing to become the "Spanish" subject his captors wish.

In the end - alone, depressed and gravely sick - feverish attacks and hallucinations merge Christian and Aztec imagery together in Topiltzin's mind. Is his conversion real or is he fighting to retain his own beliefs ... and sanity?

The Other Conquest reveals the complex and ambiguous origins of the new hybrid Latino culture, Mestizo, which is still struggling to understand and define itself five centuries later. It is a film not only about the Aztecs and Spaniards, but about cultures throughout history that have been subjected to colonization, assimilation, conversion and ethnic cleansing.

Marking the film debuts of Mexican writer/director/editor Salvador Carrasco and Spanish producer Alvaro Domingo, The Other Conquest was filmed entirely on location in and around Mexico, with many scenes shot at archaeological sites and colonial monasteries using authentic costumes and props.

The Other Conquest has been invited to numerous major film festivals throughout the world - including Vancouver, Barcelona, San Juan, Havana and New Delhi - winning the "Special Jury Award" at the San Antonio CineFestival. The film became the first Spanish-language film to be screened in competition at the American Film Institute's (AFI) Los Angeles International Film Festival and received the honor of an AFI screening at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., before an audience of diplomats and delegates, including the ambassadors of Mexico and Spain.

The Other Conquest, in Spanish and Nahuatl, is presented in letterbox with an aspect ratio of 16 x 9 1:78 and Dolby 5.1. Special features include English subtitles; English, Spanish and action trailers; director's commentary; interviews with cast and crew; behind-the-scenes footage; and deleted scenes.

For more information on this film, visit www.unionstationmedia.com or www.theotherconquest.com.

Independent entertainment distributor Union Station Media (USM), based in Los Angeles, Calif., releases titles theatrically and for DVD, television, cable, VOD and electronic down-load markets. USM is a joint venture of Canada's Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution and Australia's Arclight Films.

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