Tonight's The Night

An evening in the life of El Editor

By Abelardo de la Pena Jr.
Published on LatinoLA: October 2, 2007

Tonight's The Night

It took me about 2 hours to clean my office. That's why I've been working on my kitchen table.

But tonight's the night.

I picked up all the newspapers and magazines, filled up six Trader Joe bags. Paper and letters and invoices and printed emails are now in two managable piles on the floor. I sprayed my desk with some kind of cleeaner which wiped out the glass and bottle rings and other smudges.

Started listing "to do's" on the little spiral notebook, the latest of which I've started, crossed out a few things, wrote down a couple more.

Did some Iconoculture work; that's my employer. I do market research, edit and write for their website and give advise. Returned an email after checking something online.

Filled up a super soaker type of squirt gun I got from the garage. Our cat, which we reluctantly took from our 31-year-old daughter Ana because she moved to an apartment, ran out of the house and was hiding out all day. I don't want him to get near the door, or even come down from the second floor of our house.

Then got a call from The Evergreen State College, my alma mater, hitting me up for some cash. I upped my donation from last year. $30 on my visa.

Took the goofy photo that's illustrating this article, where I will list the things I do until the computer is turned off sometime tonight. Because the tonight's the night.

1. Check on 15-year-old daughter Alicia, who was home sick today. She's watching "Pan's Labyrinth" a magical movie. Wish I could be watching with her.

2. Remembered a couple other things I did after cleaning my office and starting this.

3. Remembered the thing about the cat.

4. Stopping to check on Alicia again, then see if Linda is coming up the driveway. Tuesday's when she goes in and comes back late, from 11 to 8. She works at the downtown library.

5. Pausing iTunes, playing "Open Up Your Tired Eyes" by Neil Young.

6. I'm sure you see the pattern: Tonight's the Night.

7. But first I edit and download the weird self-portrait I just took.

8. Now I pause: "Alburquerque".

9. Linda came home, brought her up to speed on what's been happening, showed her my clean office, walked her upstairs, told her I'd be up at 10, so here goes. 8:45 pm now. iTunes off pause.

10. Checked latinola.com email. Besides the usual, setting up for Mexican Cultural Institute board of directors conference call. We have two new members, bringing our number to five: Gregorio Luke and Prof. Armando Vazquez-Ramos, plus Beatriz Ricartti, Sara Elena Loaiza and I. Lots to talk about.

11. Start idea to pitch for Iconoculture top 8 trends for 2008 (how original). 8:50 pm.

12. Complete the pitch and email it, barely missing Central Time's End of Day deadline. But it's only 10:12 pm here. Linda calls out to me. Daily Show's on.

13. Tonight's the night.

14. I radiate joy and happiness.

About Abelardo de la Pena Jr.:
Abelardo de la Pe??a Jr. co-founded LatinoLA.com in 1999. He is editor and publisher.

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