Defend The Honor: Stop The Book

Latinos were in fact a vital part of the Greatest Generation

By Ramiro Puentes
Published on LatinoLA: October 4, 2007

Defend The Honor: Stop The Book

I, like many Latinos, am disturbed by what I have been reading on the Defend The Honor website and various publications. Having served in Vietnam myself and having had 5 uncles and my Father-in-Law serve in WWII, I am terribly disappointed with how they and the 500,000 other Latinos are overlooked for their contributions to our great nation.

I understand that Ken Burns has added 28 minutes to the documentary in which it will feature the contributions of 2 Latinos & one Native American. Great!

The frightening part of Ken Burns' The War documentary is the educational material & associated curriculum that is to follow. The book, THE WAR an Intimate History 1941-1945, by Ken Burns and Geoffrey C. Ward was released this week. People who conducted preliminary evaluations of the 451-page book, including Defend the Honor co-chair Gus Chavez and El Paso local representative Robert Rivas, report that there appears to be no representations of Latinos.

For future generations of Latino students that study about WWII soon discover and begin to question their ancestor's failure to contribute to America's freedom. This of course could not be further from the truth. We were in fact a vital part of the "Greatest Generation" who participated honorably to defend our Nation's honor for freedom in WWII.

This book and related educational material & curriculum will make its way into the public school systems throughout our country. Speaking specifically about California and states with heavy concentrations of Latinos, there is so much that we can do to stop this book from entering our public school system. Our children should study the truth, and Ken Burns' book and curriculum overlook the truth.

What can you do to voice your displeasure? Write or call your local school board member, state assembly person, state senator or U.S. Congressperson, etc.

Defend The Honor: "Stop The Book".

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