So Much Art and Culture

Anthology Vol. 1 - A collection of literary pieces by East LA Rep, through October

By Jesus A. Reyes
Published on LatinoLA: October 4, 2007

So Much Art and Culture

Anthology was born out of a need to fill a slot for a production. As I headed to San Jose on the Greyhound [I had] this idea of producing multiple works by multiple playwrights all on one set and low tech with a repertory of actors playing multiple roles directed by a handful of directors, a talented costume designer, and a crew of two.

I have to admit, this wasn't the initial idea. That idea was low tech, one set, some actors and a couple of pieces; but then Lisa Loomer said "Yes, do what ever piece you want," and the ball began to roll. As it got closer, it got bigger and bigger and bigger. And so Anthology Vol. 1, as we now know, it was born.

Without setting out for such an event, Anthology Vol. 1 represents East LA Rep's mission as stated and as unspoken. In four weeks you have the opportunity to see a variety of short plays, one-acts, and monologues by some of America's leading playwrights. In the mix are four emerging playwrights that I think are ready to take the next step as writers of theater.

You will also get to see the work of talented actors, not the ones you see on TV or film but actors that work just as hard in a form of art that is not as popular or lucrative. The work of four directors, four Latinas at that, fearless women of unbridled talent, take the helm of a variety of pieces and help shape them with great heart and skill. Then there is the costume designer, a super talented and inventive person you won't necessarily think about when watching any production, but her input about character and the play through design and costuming is indispensable.

The crew and operators are another team that keeps the ship on course. And finally you have decided to trek out to East Los Angeles and discover a community that offers so much art and culture in the unlikeliest of places. East LA Rep has been privileged to present work of extremely gifted and versatile playwrights and I hope that you will walk away with a new understanding of theater, the work that it takes to put it together, the tremendous amount of talent that exists within our community, and that you make a huge difference when you pay your admission and walk into one of our productions.

About Jesus A. Reyes:
Jesus A. Reyes (pictured) is the Artistic Director of East Los Angeles Repertory Theater Company and can be reached at jreyes@eastlarep.com. Anthology Vol. 1 runs through October 21st For more information, (818) 554-8551 or www.eastlarep.com

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