Broken Heart

el corazon no manda

By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: November 18, 2007

Broken Heart

For we always tell ourselves
finding love is an amazing feeling
to be loved is so sweet
we are lucky to find love once
in our lives
i wrote a piece on someone
who i carry near and dear to my heart
only for my heart to be broken and shattered
for not once but twice
how could this happen?
i guess i was wishing on stars
and rainbows to think that someone
who i walked away from 12 years
could come back into my life only
to crumble my heart once again...
sad, angry and so unhappy
with love......
looking up into the sky
to see that it's as blue as can be
but in my eyes all i see is gloomy days
of shattered dreams, hopes and wishes
for i do not want nor wish to believe in stars
blue skys, flowers blooming and birds chirping
my heart n' soul have been broken and all dreams of
love n' life are not words that i can say at this moment
nor do i feel like i can breath.....
my heart in a million little pieces
the air i breath is just to help me
move forward for the time being.....
how could someone that you love so much
with your heart n' soul break your heart once
again? i don't understand? for i am a broken heart and
can't move forward in the direction i once did.
broken hearts, dreams, wishes and all future thoughts
of any love coming together. all broken....
heart shattered, tears streaming down, and life
in a gloom....
my heart hurts, my soul in agony
and i breath my last breath of love in the air.....
for you my love have broken my heart once again...
shattered into pieces that only you can put

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