My Baby Brother

I still remember the day you came home

By Maria Soto - Arzola
Published on LatinoLA: September 19, 2002

My Baby Brother

It was October 25, 1977.
You were 2 days old and I was seven.
I still remember the day you came home.
Nani coming up the stairs
I was at mamanaya's house.
So excited! I couldn't wait to meet you.
Running through the living room towards the window
Trying to get a glance at my baby brother.

I pulled the curtain to get a better look at you.
There you were in Mom's arms. In a bundle of blankets
I smiled with excitement. I couldn't believe I was
a Big Sister. You were my baby brother.

You are almost 25 and in my eyes and my heart you are still
that baby brother I once had. So many memories shared, so many fights
over who was going to watch the favorite cartoon on the tube.
Picking on each other. I look at you now and to me you will always be "my baby brother"

I am proud of the Man that you have become. Handsome :-),intelligent
honest, caring and funny. My best friend! We've been through heartbreaks,
laughter and most important, always there for each other.

I love you baby brother.

About Maria Soto - Arzola:
This is the second piece I submit to LatinoLA. I've been writing for the past 7 years. Expressing your thoughts is a beautiful thing. PS: Thank you, Phil Goldvarg for the beautiful poem of a mother's love. marzola32@hotmail.com

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