School Board Member Laughs At Spanish-Speaking Parents

Parents hold protest at School Board Meeting

By Jose X
Published on LatinoLA: October 25, 2007

School Board Member Laughs At Spanish-Speaking Parents

Mountain View School Board President John Garcia, laughs and completely disrespects Spanish speaking parents at a school board meeting this past month.

Parents, upset over the recent transfer of teacher 7th grade teacher Mr. Orozco, demanded he should be reinstated at Kranz Middle School and that the school board investigates the police abuses during May 1st when school officials called police to the Kranz campus and students were mistreated, pushed and given tickets by police.

During May 1st students all across the southwest began to walkout of school and demanded a fair legalization for themselves and their parents. Most school districts dealt with this issue by teaching students about immigration and allowing students outlets for expression. However, for the middle school children in South El Monte, repression and police abuse were the lessons of the day.

Outraged by what he saw happen to students on May 1st, 7th grade teacher Mr. Orozco, spoke out against the abuses of the police and the administration. He began to talk with parents and urged them to be advocates for their children's education. The Administration at Kranz knew they wrong and wanted to keep everything quiet so they targeted Mr. Orozco and began harassing him until the end of the year when they finally removed him from Kranz.

Furious at Mr. Orozco's removal, most of the Spanish speaking parents began to organize themselves and formed the Parent and Student Organization of El Monte. Through this organization, the parents have held several protests and have spoken at the school board meetings three different times, but their voices fallen on deaf ears with school board members literally laughing at their requests and labeling them "problem parents".

The most disrespectful of all school board members has been school board president, John Garcia. Garcia, a probation officer who is not only anti-immigration (even though a large amount of the students are immigrants), but also supports the criminalization of youth by calling the police on parents and students various times.

Moreover, Garcia has openly mocked the Spanish speaking parents and began to turn the English speaking parents of the district against them, using classic divide and conquer tactics.

Not distraught, Los Padres de El Monte will continue their struggle for justice.

Que Vivan Los Padres de El Monte!!!!

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