Dignadad del Silencio

Digna Ochoa y Pl?cido: human rights defender

By Phil Goldvarg
Published on LatinoLA: October 7, 2002

Dignadad del Silencio

October 19 will mark the first anniversary of the death of human rights defender, Digna Ochoa y Pl?cido.

Internationally respected human rights attorney Digna Ochoa y Pl?cido represented some of the most difficult and politically charged human rights cases in Mexico. Many of these cases involved torture or murder by Mexico's military and security forces, including the widows of the Aguas Blancas massacre and the campesino ecologists of Guerrero, Rodolfo Montiel and Teodoro Cabrera. She investigated cases that other people were too afraid to examine, giving a voice to victims who would otherwise have been silenced.

Dignidad de Silencio { Para Digna Ochoa }

todo estaba en silencio,
protest is a buried voice,
Digna has been silenced,
yesterday's bones disappear,
by some slight of hand,
magic of unseen power,
madres lose los ninos otra vez,
esperanzas de primavera nueva,
crash like heavy stones,

an abuelito sits with old cuentos,
waiting for ears
of lost nietos,
a wife, a novia,
embraces flores de cari?o,
they turn to dark dust,
hijas left la casa,
but never returned,
questions filled a shivering heart,

Digna lined up answers,
shredded papers,
hidden testimonies,
worked out puzzles meant to mislead,
rejected offers de la vida rica,
dismissed la muerte who danced by her side,
she came too close
to self appointed kings,
their vaults stuffed with money y huesos,
she was clothed in death,
chained with threat,
it was not enough,
her wings were strong,
beating at doors of greed,
killer's chambers,
she was her pueblo,
their life was hers,
their death was hers,
todo estaba en silencio,
but not el grito de Digna Ochoa,
echo of discovery.

About Phil Goldvarg:
Phil Goldvarg is at Hgold42734@aol.com

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