Dia de los Muertos 2000

Los Amigos de LatinoLA offer their thoughts on this cultural and religious tradition

By Los Amigos de LatinoLA
Published on LatinoLA: October 23, 2000

Dia de los Muertos 2000

Dia de los Muertos in Tepoztlan, Mexico
A beautiful day, full of magic and vivid colors. Friends getting together to finish the Ofrenda and taste the Tequila. Kids running the streets asking for their Calavera. Musica de Viento playing in the Plaza. It was magic, I still remember, and get homesick.
- Gabriela Cortines
Dawn breathes life into the day
Memories of the past,
thick in the air
Flowers decorate images of flesh and bone
Spirits abundant
Thankful of Life
Respectful of Death
Surrounded with a sense of love
- Omeyaotl
My most memorable Dia de los Muertos was when I thought it fell on November 1st and went out the door dressed like a Calaca.
- Ernesto S Martinez
El Dia de los muertos no es para estar tristre, al contrario es una oportunidad para recordar a la gente querida y despues de ofrendarles la comida y los postres mas ricos en los altares, comernolos.
- Camila Romero.
I used to work with immigrants and refugees. One Dia de los Muertos, all of our clients got together to create an altar in memory of friends and family who had been politcally persecuted, killed in war or lost during their journey to this country. Bosnians, Vietnamese, Laotians, Africans, and Latinos were all sharing in this expression of respect and love as a community. As we toasted to our loved ones and people shared their stories, you could feel the warmth in the room. At that moment, skin color, ethnic background, religion, political beliefs did not matter. The spirits were truly with us.
- Amanda Navar

LatinoLA/Cafe California Online Poll:
Is Dia de los Muertos a celebration of life & death or a negative adaptation of All Soul's Day?
Positive celebration (96) 88%
Negative adaptation (12) 11%
Comments from Our Amigos:
"It's way to remember our loved one's"
"?La Vida No Vale Nada!"
"With so much violence and darkness in our world, we should concentrate on the 'light' in life, not the dark."
"Since when is Day of the Dead 'celebrated' for the purpose of profit?"
"In the past, I would have voted positive, but [not] after what I've seen [what] some pendejos y pendejas have done with it, such as a commercialize[d] concert."
"El Dia de los Muertos is not only a US tradition, it is the day that we celebrate [our] loved ones that are gone."
"Why are we even questioning this?"
"A day to remember our dead family, friends, neighbor, and enemies."
"It is a celebration of life by incorporating an acceptance of death, something most Americans can't handle. I am a non-Latin American."
"?Arriba los muertos!"
"It is a developing celebration that is a reflection of the social recognition of death and it's import in life "
"For practicing Catholics, it's a religious holiday that's now commercialized like Christmas, based on traditions limited to only parts of Mexico."
"Day of the Dead came before All Soul's Day, celebrated by the Aztecs before the invasion. All Soul's Day is a negative adaptation of Day of the Dead."
"It is positive because the tradition keeps us intact with what our ancestors also celebrated."
"Duality (Life/Death) as a concept in Mexican culture has Pre-Columbian roots: Muertos has endured & flourished."
"Stupid question."
Photos by Abelardo de la Pe?a Jr. and Laura Longoria

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