Friends, Family and Gratitude

Give thanks for what you have....

By M. Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: November 22, 2007

Friends, Family and Gratitude

To everyone in here...may you have a wonderful day this Thanksgiving.
This year we are spending it with family
Last year it was just my two angels and I.
One year we get invited one year we don't
I never know with my family.
I go wherever I'm invited...I have a car..gas in the tank and an hour is nothing to drive to spend it with people I love.

There are so many families that are miles apart...in other states...oceans and continents apart..that wish they could be together to share a meal with their loved ones.

to be able to see them to hug them.
If your family is close by give them a call go see them.

The holidays are very hard for some people...I wish I could invite them all to my home so that they are not alone on those days.

I wish that for one day everyone would have peace in their hearts and in their lives and put aside all the pettiness that puts wedges and walls between us.

If anything enjoy the day off with pay..and appreciate your living relatives.
Give thanks for what you have....
Each day count your blessings and have gratitude.
We take so much for granted yet we have so much to be grateful for.

About M. Reyna:
M. Reyna:Varied Artist-Paiter, Poet, Storyteller

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