The Sire on the Rise

Being real...being himself

By Cary Sandoval
Published on LatinoLA: December 14, 2007

The Sire on the Rise

Growing up in the mean streets of East Los Angeles, exposed to gang violence, drugs, sex, and more at an early age.

Ernesto Jimenez Jr., a.k.a. THA SIRE of THA EMPIRE RECORDS INC. was one of the lucky few to have both of his parents in his life.

Coming from a father that loves music and played the guitar as well as occasionally wrote song lyrics, THA SIRE says he influenced himself to begin this journey as an artist. His writing began with thoughts that eventually were turned into lyrics and then into songs.

With a unique style and in a category all his own, THA SIRE agrees that what inspires him to write are world issues, family and the ability to express and touch someone emotionally through his music no matter what age or ethnicity. His main motivation as he states is "Being Real...being himself."

From Graffiti to G-life, from arrests and being incarcerated, from losing friends to starting his own family, THA SIRE has seen it and lived it. He now heads his own Indie label THA EMPIRE RECORDS INC, who he is releasing his album through.

He has worked with Goldie Loc, Kokane, Jayo Felony, Kurupt, KMG (Above the Law), Slim the Mobster, and more on his debut album.

THA EMPIRE RECORDS INC is also proud to be part of a major and positive movement in the music industry. THA SIRE will be one of many artists on the BANGIN....Pain, Pride and Destruction compilation album, which is all being done for the charity foundation- Amer-I-Can/Unity One, which is dedicated to stopping gang violence between African-American and Latino gang members, both in prisons and on the streets. The organization also offers life skills training to its members. Amer-I-Can supporters include Magic Johnson, Harry Belafonte, George Foreman, Spike Lee, James Ingram, Bill Russell and Denzel Washington.

Other artists on this album include: Snoop Dogg, AKon, Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, TQ, Kurupt, Kokane, DJ Battlecat and many more.

THA SIRE can currently be seen gracing red carpet events such as The Latin Grammys, The American Music Awards and many more. He is also part of www.gangstyle.com, where former gang members speak about their old and new unrelated gang lifestyle.

"I'm not a gangsta rapper. My music is real music, true reality music. I grew up listening to NWA, Dr. Dre, and Oldies. I just love music, real music".


THA SIRE'S debut album THA ARRIVAL drops Early 2008.

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